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#ncpol: Meeting & Greeting SOMEBODY ELSE’S voters

This is Congressman Mark Meadows’s Democrat opponent in November. Could someone please provide him with a map?   This guy is running in the 11th congressional district.  The Sheraton Chapel Hill is in the 4th congressional district. Check out the map below and see if you can spot the problem. No one residing within a reasonable driving distance of the Sheraton Chapel Hill can legally vote for Phillip Price.  They…

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Mark Meadows: Evidence shows Obama directed FBI spying on Trump

The North Carolina Republican, representing the state’s 11th congressional district, dropped this bombshell today in an interview with Raleigh radio personality Patrick Johnson.  (We obtained a tape of a segment of the interview, which has yet to be publicly broadcast.) Meadows says on the tape: “[…] We believe, that contrary to his public statement, that not only was President Obama aware but certainly his chief-of-staff  Dennis McDonough had a briefing…

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#ncpol: John Boehner disses Meadows, praises McHenry

Politico has a lengthy profile on the speaker-in-exile.  It offers some real insight into the former DC powerbroker-turned-golf-cart-jockey.  (Especially about how foul-mouthed he is.) In the article, Boehner singles out two members of the North Carolina delegation: […] Cantor’s loss triggered a leadership shuffle: McCarthy was promoted to majority leader, and Scalise was elected whip. The new chief deputy whip, McHenry—who admits to being “a bomb-thrower” his first three years…

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#ncpol: GOP argues amongst itself on killing ObamaCare

They got their majorities in Washington on the promise to kill ObamaCare.  They got The White House too, based partially on the promise to kill ObamaCare. You’d figure the GOP — fully in the driver’s seat — would be going on a de-regulation and cutting spree.   Yet, some of the fiercest debate on tossing ObamaCare is going on within the party placed in power and charged with the mission…

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WNC Rally. For Mark Meadows. Monday.

FreedomWorks and a bunch of other friends of this site are putting together a quick show of appreciation Monday in the big city of Waynesville — in the heart of Meadows’s district — to show appreciation to the man who led the fight to slay Ryan- Ryno- Care.  Here are the details: On Monday, March 27, 2017, FreedomWorks is sponsoring a rally to support Congressman Mark Meadows in front of…

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NC-02: Heritage Action says Renee Ellmers most liberal GOP House member from NC

Heritage Action, the political arm of The Heritage Foundation, produces ratings that have become the gold standard for evaluating how conservative Members of Congress truly are.  They track votes throughout the year and rate each member of the House and Senate on a scale of ZERO (Bernie Sanders liberal) to 100 (Ted Cruz conservative.) The average House Republican is scoring 63 percent out of a possible 100 percent. The current ratings…

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The omnibus: Bleeding us dry. Lying to our faces. Killing our country.

It’s $1.1 trillion dollars.  It’s 2009 pages.  It was written by FOUR lawmakers and a bunch of lobbyists.   Politicians like Renee Ellmers want to sell it as a great “tax cut”’ package.  (But there are credits, not cuts. And ObamaCare-related taxes are postponed a year or so.) The Omnibus spending bill — under GOP leadership — fully funds: amnesty, sanctuary cities, ObamaCare, Syrian refugees, visa expansion, and Planned Parenthood,…

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Paul Ryan. WHY ???????????

Conservatives just helped oust a speaker who was okay with the Wall Street bailout, debt ceiling increases, and amnesty for illegals.  Now, they and the rest of the House are ready to replace said speaker with another guy who pretty much has the same positions on those issues! Mark Meadows appears to be getting on board with Paul Ryan.  (We know he reads this blog faithfully. He’s commented here before….

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The GOPe slaps back at Mark Meadows

[Editor’s Note: Those of you who had hoped I had been spirited away by black helicopters never to be seen again, or had died in a fiery, explosive car wreck — I’m sorry to disappoint you.  I’m back from a long holiday weekend in our state’s beautiful mountains.  The batteries are recharged and we are ready to deliver some haymakers to some deserving folks.  Buckle up.  It’s sure to be…

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It’s not easy being ORANGE

Just as we thought.  It’s being reported now that the reason John Boehner hasn’t brought up Mark Meadows’s ”vacate” resolution is that leadership is not confident they have the votes to kill it. Only two of our TEN Republican House members are supporting the measure — Walter Jones and Meadows.  The Third District GOP has passed a resolution supporting Meadows’s decision to file the resolution and is asking all other…