From the US House to The White House



The worst kept secret in Washington got let out of the bag today.  North Carolina’s Mark Meadows resigned from the US House to take on the position of chief of staff in the Trump White House.


The big question that we’re left with?  What happens to the race to replace him in the 11th?  So far,  it looks like we have a GOP runoff.   But the coronavirus drama has politics, and everything else in life,  on hold for a while.


When Walter Jones passed away,  Governor Cooper set a special election to fill the seat.  A gaggle of folks filed, but state Rep.  Greg Murphy came out on top.  He’s now serving the people of the 3rd district in The US House.


It seems like the simplest move would be to let the current election go forward with the players still left standing.  That, of course, would leave the people of the 11th without representation in the US House until the end of the year.   (Of course, look how long the people of the 3rd and the 9th districts went recently without a voting representative in Capitol Hill’s lower chamber.)


Meadows’s conservative leadership in Congress will definitely be missed.  But now he has a much higher podium and a much louder microphone to preach from.  1600 Penn is likely to provide a lot friendlier environment for the conservative champion from western North Carolina.  Let’s wish him luck and hope that he and his new boss can steer us through these current stormy waters and the next four years.