Mark Meadows: Evidence shows Obama directed FBI spying on Trump

The North Carolina Republican, representing the state’s 11th congressional district, dropped this bombshell today in an interview with Raleigh radio personality Patrick Johnson.  (We obtained a tape of a segment of the interview, which has yet to be publicly broadcast.)

Meadows says on the tape:

“[…] We believe, that contrary to his public statement, that not only was President Obama aware but certainly his chief-of-staff  Dennis McDonough had a briefing on August the 12th of 2016 and then there was another briefing in September. 

The messages — the text messages I’ve had the privilege of reviewing and some of the other correlating information would strongly suggest there was not only information given to The White House, but indeed they were involved in directing some of the actions of the Department of Justice and FBI in the fall of 2016. 

That’s troubling when you see one president allowing their DOJ to get involved in a political campaign.[…]”

You can listen to the pertinent segment of the interview by clicking HERE.