NC11: House Freedom Caucus NOT supporting Wayne King to replace Meadows?



THAT is what a recent email from The House Freedom Fund — the caucus’s political / fundraising arm — appears to suggest.  In fact,  the email lists a number of “important election dates”:


Notice anything?   North Carolina’s primary elections are in March.  According to this email, The Fund does not appear to find ANY of North Carolina’s March congressional  races  to be “important.”  (Nor do they appear to see King — or any other candidate in The Tar Heel State, for that matter — as a priority candidate.)


The linked email / fundraising appeal has the names of Reps.  Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows at the bottom — suggesting that they bless the work — particularly THIS WORK — of the House Freedom Fund.



King, formerly the vice-chairman to former NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes,  has been serving as a top aide to Meadows.  Meadows has announced his retirement at the end of this term.  King is part of a crowd of candidates seeking to replace Meadows.



Soooooo —  it looks like the House Freedom Caucus and their Fund are staying out of North Carolina’s primaries (for NOW).   Media reports indicate that Meadows’s wife, and quite possibly the rest of the Meadows family,  may be backing local GOP activist Lynda Bennett to fill the 11th district seat upon Meadows’s departure.