Meadows already making waves in his new job




Mark Meadows has apparently exported the hard-nosed style that made him famous (or infamous) on Capitol Hill down the street to his new digs at 1600 Penn:


President Donald Trump’s new chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has escalated tensions in the White House with a swift series of staff changes that have drawn complaints from some in the West Wing about his management style, according to people familiar with the matter.


Trump changed his top aide last month just as the U.S. coronavirus outbreak began to accelerate. After a slow start — Meadows didn’t resign his North Carolina House seat until the end of March — the new chief of staff kicked off his tenure by ousting a top legislative liaison last week and then, on Monday, replacing the White House press secretary, Stephanie Grisham.


6 thoughts on “Meadows already making waves in his new job

  1. Mark is not who we thought he was. I’ll bet he doesn’t make it a year. When Trump decides to fire him, Mark will probably not have time to communicate secretly with his potential successor about the pending job opening. So disappointed.

  2. Good to see him cleaning house. Hopefully he can do so with a lot of the “intelligence” people that Obama embedded too.

    One thing I did not like, his attempts at strong arming governors into putting into place similar draconian measures Doofus Cooper has been mandating. He needs to let the state’s determine on their own what they need to do.

  3. Remember the story about the turtle who woke up one morning on the top of a fence post
    and thought he could fly. Six months. And he will lose the house seat.

    1. “And he will lose the house seat.” Agree if Cawthorn does not win the second (runoff) primary.

  4. Meadows already has enemies in the bowels of the DC establishment, so this kind of sniping is not a surprise to anybody paying attention. It only means he’s doing a good job for the President—another guy that town hates.

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