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Anti-vote fraud activists double down, seek special prosecutor for cases Burr-Tillis US atty pick WON’T TOUCH

These guys are taking the route the NCGOP should have while Roy Cooper ignored his job responsibilities between 2012 and 2016:  Today, the Voter Integrity Project called on the Trump Administration to withdraw one of their nominations for US Attorney as the group cited NCGS §163-278.28 in petitioning the Mecklenburg County Superior…

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Anti-vote fraud group assails Burr-Thilli$$$ pick for US atty

The driveby media and the Democrats keep telling us there is no vote fraud going on. Yet, North Carolina’s Voter Integrity Project says the real problem is finding people with the guts to act on credible evidence: Given the track record of Mecklenburg County, District Attorney, Andrew Murray, a public…

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‘Tricky Dick’ Burr: “I’m Sam Ervin! I’m SAM, I am!” ( Jim Morrill SAID so.)

The president is trying to rally his troops to deal with arguably the worst crisis facing the country, and Richard Burr is preoccupied with FANTASY: President Trump told GOP senators at the White House on Wednesday that they should cancel their August recess and not leave town until acting to repeal ObamaCare….

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#ncpol: Thom WHO ???

That’s right. According to a major national survey, a whopping 30 percent of North Carolina voters say they either Don’t Know who Thom Tillis is, or have No Opinion of him.  (Only Michigan Democrat Gary Peters fared worse.  Thirty-four percent of his constituents either don’t know his name or have…

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Drivebys BOOST Burr, BUTCHER History (and, of course, THE TRUTH)

The drivebys sooooooo want this Russia nonsense to be the next Watergate scandal.  Just read some of the latest foolishness from the Charlotte Observer’s somnambulant scribbler Jim Morrill:  On a Saturday night in October 1973, U.S. Sen. Sam Ervin was dining at Asheville’s Grove Park Inn with hundreds of fellow…

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Nasty liberals, their driveby enablers ensnare Senator Burr

I’ll say it again, some of the most vile, most evil, most depraved people on the planet vote early and often for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and cruise around with bumper stickers with COEXIST spelled out in cutesy little symbols. Colon Campbell has once again been dispatched from the…

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Lefties cheer attempt to “buy” Richard Burr’s vote

NCPolicyWatch — run by that madly-blinking space alien Chris Fitzsimon and his BFF Rob, and funded by WRAL owner Jim Goodmon — has the gory details:  Given what we know thus far, this seems as if it’s worth a try…. Durham, N.C., February 3, 2017: When North Carolina residents Eunice…

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Burr ready to subpoena Trump on ‘Russian hacking’?

There’s still no evidence worthy of a court hearing that the Russian government covertly affected the integrity of our presidential election.  The publicly-released report from the intelligence community was full of disclaimers about how they don’t stand behind any of the findings. Julian Assange of Wikileaks keeps insisting at the…

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#NCSEN: Two F-students reenact 2014’s Hagan v. Tillis

I thought last night’s Senate debate sounded very familiar.   Deborah Ross spouted all of Kay Hagan’s hard-line feminist and socialist talking points.  Richard Burr, just like Thom Tillis two years ago, threw up a lot of non-specifics peppered with a bunch of talk about “crossing the aisle” and “working with Democrats.”…

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#ncpol: Sex & The US Senate

Are you a Carrie, Miranda or Samantha?  A Thom, Dick or Debbie?  (Inquiring minds WANT to know.)  There are all kinds of serious issues facing the country.  But here we are in 2016 discussing North Carolina’s 1995 debate on a sex offender registry.  Team Burr likely wants to avoid discussion…