#ncpol: Our (“Corrupt”?) useful idiot in DC

I’m more of the opinion that Dick Burr is just not that smart. But this blogger has him pegged with the (bad) c-word:

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) is the same committee that Michael Caputo told: “God damn you to hell“, and for a very good reason.  The entire committee is corrupt from top to bottom; especially Chairman Richard Burr and member Marco Rubio.

The latest evidence therein comes from Chairman Burr defending the insufferably corrupt FISA application that was used against U.S. person Carter Page:

(Via CNN) […] “I don’t think I ever expressed that I thought the FISA application came up short,” Burr said when asked about House Republican memo alleging FBI and Justice Department abuses of the FISA process. “There (were) sound reasons as to why judges issued the FISA.” […]

Sound reasons?  Is he taking about the sounds Mark Warner (D) made when he whispered that spin in his ear?  That FISA warrant was based on pure fiction.  Anyone without an agenda — or with HALF a brain — concedes that point.


Burr’s comments once again put him at odds with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, who spearheaded the memo on FISA abuses. (read more)

The motives for Burr’s duplicity here are obvious. The entire apparatus of the media has avoided the explosive revelation of the unredacted FISA application being delivered to the committee on March 17, 2017, because the consequences from admitting the truth are catastrophic to the ongoing narrative.[…]

Harkening back to Dick’s ‘I’d-vote-for-Bernie-Sanders-before-Ted-Cruz’ highly-publicized babbling in 2016,  stuff like this makes pure sense.


[…] The committee requested and received the FISA application on March 17th, 2017. [Full Backstory Here] On the same day, the indicted Security Staffer for the committee, James Wolfe, leaked the 82 page application in a series of 82 photographic text messages (one picture per page) to his concubine reporter, Ali Watkins.

Note: why would Wolfe take pictures of fully redacted pages?  He wouldn’t.  That implies it is likely this March 17th, 2017, copy was not heavily redacted, if at all.

What everyone seems to overlook, is how easily the intelligence apparatus handed over the FISA application on March 17th, 2017; yet, the House Judiciary Committee (Goodlatte), House Intelligence Committee (Nunes), and Senate Judiciary Committee (Grassley), had to demand and threaten to sue the DOJ in December, January and February 2018 to see it.

Why the difference in compliance?

My ongoing suspicion is that someone within the IC, likely ODNI Dan Coats and NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, knew the Senate Intelligence Committee was fully compromised; and they used the March 17, 2017, copy production as bait in their successful leak hunt. [Ultimately culminating in the indictment of Wolfe]

I have no doubt the March 17th, 2017, produced copy has an intentionally changed date of the FISA application.

The date on the original FISC copy is October 21st, 2016. That is when it was approved by Judge Rosemary Collyer. That is the correct date.

However, the Washington Post first reported on the FISA application, from leaked sources, with an origination date of October 19th, 2016:

I will bet you a donut the March 17th copy of the FISA application has October 19th, 2016, as the leak tracer within it.

Changing dates is the same approach they used to catch the House Intelligence leak [busting CNN congressional corespondent Manu Raju] with Donald Trump Jr’s testimony.

The use of dates to capture leak targets is likely why all the dates on the publicly released FISA application are redacted.  It is highly likely that Manu Raju is under an approved surveillance and search warrant based on the result above.  This is exactly what the FBI did with reporter Ali Watkins.  She wasn’t notified until long after the surveillance began.

That ongoing leak hunt approach will also be a potential reason why the White House might continue stalling the requests to release any unreadacted original copies. If the White House declassifies the FISA application; all of those who used the copies containing leak tracers will immediately know their goose-is-cooked.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence is thoroughly corrupt; this includes all Republicans and all Democrats.

That is why this committee is so vested in defending the ongoing interests of the Deep State.  However, the knowledge they were trapped with the use of the leak-tracer FISA application at least gives us a glimmer of optimism that something is likely to break soon.   If it wasn’t going to happen relatively soon, the IC (almost guaranteed to be DNI Coats) would never have released the FISA application last week.

Watch the ongoing news-cycle.  If the original unreadacted version of the FISA application is going to be released; that will indicate the FBI is prepared to move on the leak captures.

13 thoughts on “#ncpol: Our (“Corrupt”?) useful idiot in DC

  1. I remember when we had Republican US Senators from North Carolina we could be proud of like Jesse Helms, John East, and Lauch Faikrcloth, or even ones who at least were not usually embarrassments like Jim Broyhill and Elizabeth Dole, but I cringe when I think how much the two dolts we now have in the Senate from North Carolina almost make you ashamed to be an NC Republican.

    It is time for a change on both seats. We need primaries on both.

  2. I share the disgust elaborated on this post. What an embarrassment Burr is. What a danger he is to OUR, “we the people”s efforts to save OUR Constitution. Same goes for Speaker Paul Ryan. A Party level call for them to step aside NOW would be appropo.
    Thank God for President Trump!!!!!! Rep Mark Meadows and Rep Jim Jordon.

    Browny Douglas

  3. I thought the John Locke Foundation with all its millions and so called conservative stalwarts focusing on North Carolina politics would have some say by now in the apparent leftward tilt of its republican office holders. Especially when they claim to be conservative in words only. The Locke Foundation has proved to be establishment globalist problem and not part of the solution.

  4. You don’t like what the Senate Intelligence Committee reports so “the entire committee is corrupt. This includes both Republicans and Democrats.” Whew!. So, according to you, who has only seen a fraction of what the whole committee has seen, arch conservative Tom Cotton is corrupt? Conservatives James Lankford, Jim Risch and John Cornyn are corrupt? More establishment Republicans like Burr, Roy Blunt and Marco Rubio are corrupt? And finally, Susan Collins is corrupt? This is quite the conspiracy, somehow encompassing everyone from Susan Collins on the left to Tom Cotton on the right, plus everyone in between.

    1. The House intelligence committee has been far more reliable.

      And FYI, Lankford and Cornyn were the establishment / McConnell candidates in the last Senate primaries in Oklahoma and Texas and were challenged by conservatives. In Lankford’s case, his conservative challenger was the sitting Speaker of the state House, who was also black. So it was a white establishment guy against a black conservative.

  5. We ran as a true constitutional conservative against both progressives. We won most congressional and county straw polls. But , the establishment knows how to manipulate the rigged system. I have been a physician and surgeon for 30 years, I put the same effort into our races as I did my profession. There only defense of their progressives records are to lie and ad hominem attacks, true Saul Alisky tactics. We were honored to be endorsed by Sen Lee, Sen Paul , Mark Levin , Matt Kibbe and other liberty, Constitutional supporters.
    That’s why when we read about Tillis and Burr’s action, it’s no surprise, that’s who the are.
    The American Experiment of individual liberty, private property, non aggression, best defense, true free markets, will never be defended by these type of individuals- only attacked!
    Thank you Daileyhaymaker for keeping us informed of their unconstitutional actions. The power and answer is in the mirror.

    1. Mr. Brannon if you want to make things better then run for ncgop chairman in 2018 and start to make the party conservative again in NC and bring back in all the good people the party has pushed away over the last 10 to 20 year with the GopE in control of the state party

  6. This is precisely the sort of thing that our establishment-enabling NCGOPe is purposely failing to provide leadership against, and it possesses the potential to destroy the ncgop as one of the two major parties in NC. I say “potential”because one can only guess at what would ignite a mass exodus of conservatives into the NCCP. The rural counties are the strength of the NCGOP and the loss of just one of those counties would make it very hard for a gop candidate to compete for statewide office against the Dems. Take rural Anson county for example, the last couple of weeks, they went from 2 to 22 NC Constitution Party voters. That’s the most in the state and they are clearly working hard to convert Anson Republicans to the new Party. All thanks to the geniuses leading the Legislature and their puppets at 1506 Hillsborough Street.

  7. Real conservatives and real republicans are swimming against strong rip tides called the John Locke Foundation,Koch Brothers Foundations like the Americans For Prosperity that pour millions into campaigns of republicans and democrats coffers to pursue their agenda of open borders and anti Trump rhetoric. If any of you Globalists have an idea that is working better than tax cuts and America first trade, energy, and military policies, by all means let’s hear it.

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