Despite underwater approval ratings, Tilli$$ keeps servicing donors, dissing voters

If we WANTED a US senator who would: protect ObamaCare, support letting criminals out of prison earlier, block the Republican president’s plan to build a wall on the southern border, side with Democrats in their budget fight with the Republican president, and support further protections for the unconstitutional special prosecutor —  Wouldn’t we have reelected Kay Hagan in 2014?

Pretty brash moves for a guy who didn’t even crack the 50% mark in November 2014.   Nevertheless, Thom Tillis  doubled down on those issues and more in a recent op-ed in The Hill. 

Among other things, be derides critics of his pro-amnesty stance as “far-right”.  I’ve learned that when RINOs throw that term around, they’re actually talking about the vast majority of Republicans who support the party platform and their party’s president, and expect their elected leaders to do the same. 

Tilli$$$ is great at raising  money from special interests, but is not-so-hot at getting people to actually like him and fall in line with him.  He barely squeaked by the highly-beatable Kay Hagan and that pizza delivery guy.  And he only accomplished that feat by mouthing some insincere conservative platitudes and basically saying “Hey, at least I’m not Kay Hagan or the pizza guy”.

 If ol’ Thom had actually told the truth in 2014 about what he was really going to do when he got to DC, we’d still be looking at Ma Hagan’s mug on C-SPAN. 

Tilli$$$ and Richard Burr’s voting records have earned both our senators abysmal failing grades on all the most-respected ratings of conservative effectiveness.

The Morning Consult — a nonpartisan political news site — has released another round of polling tracking all 100 senators and their popularity ratings with the folks back home.   Bernie Sanders (D-VT), with a  64% favorability rating and 28% disapproval,  is the most beloved senator by the folks back home. 

Richard Burr has a 40% approval rating and 30% disapproval.  The most astounding part of this particular finding is that 30 percent of respondents in North Carolina had NO OPINION OF or DID NOT KNOW Burr — who has been in the US Senate since 2004. 

Thom Tilli$$ has an approval rating of 36% and a disapproval rating of 32 percent.  Another 32% said they had NO OPINION or DID NOT KNOW Thom Tillis.

SO, Tilli$$ made it into office in 2014 with 48 percent of the vote.  Five years later, he’s rocking a 36% approval rating and there is a whopping 64% of respondents who either DID NOT KNOW HIM or HAD NO OPINION.

Those numbers are not exactly screaming “sure-thing reelection.”  But this guy WILL have plenty of cash on hand to define himself however he wants.  He’s been catering to the Farm Bureau and Chamber crowd so fast and furious on amnesty for illegal aliens that his campaign coffers MUST be overflowing.