Despite underwater approval ratings, Tilli$$ keeps servicing donors, dissing voters

If we WANTED a US senator who would: protect ObamaCare, support letting criminals out of prison earlier, block the Republican president’s plan to build a wall on the southern border, side with Democrats in their budget fight with the Republican president, and support further protections for the unconstitutional special prosecutor —  Wouldn’t we have reelected Kay Hagan in 2014?

Pretty brash moves for a guy who didn’t even crack the 50% mark in November 2014.   Nevertheless, Thom Tillis  doubled down on those issues and more in a recent op-ed in The Hill. 

Among other things, be derides critics of his pro-amnesty stance as “far-right”.  I’ve learned that when RINOs throw that term around, they’re actually talking about the vast majority of Republicans who support the party platform and their party’s president, and expect their elected leaders to do the same. 

Tilli$$$ is great at raising  money from special interests, but is not-so-hot at getting people to actually like him and fall in line with him.  He barely squeaked by the highly-beatable Kay Hagan and that pizza delivery guy.  And he only accomplished that feat by mouthing some insincere conservative platitudes and basically saying “Hey, at least I’m not Kay Hagan or the pizza guy”.

 If ol’ Thom had actually told the truth in 2014 about what he was really going to do when he got to DC, we’d still be looking at Ma Hagan’s mug on C-SPAN. 

Tilli$$$ and Richard Burr’s voting records have earned both our senators abysmal failing grades on all the most-respected ratings of conservative effectiveness.

The Morning Consult — a nonpartisan political news site — has released another round of polling tracking all 100 senators and their popularity ratings with the folks back home.   Bernie Sanders (D-VT), with a  64% favorability rating and 28% disapproval,  is the most beloved senator by the folks back home. 

Richard Burr has a 40% approval rating and 30% disapproval.  The most astounding part of this particular finding is that 30 percent of respondents in North Carolina had NO OPINION OF or DID NOT KNOW Burr — who has been in the US Senate since 2004. 

Thom Tilli$$ has an approval rating of 36% and a disapproval rating of 32 percent.  Another 32% said they had NO OPINION or DID NOT KNOW Thom Tillis.

SO, Tilli$$ made it into office in 2014 with 48 percent of the vote.  Five years later, he’s rocking a 36% approval rating and there is a whopping 64% of respondents who either DID NOT KNOW HIM or HAD NO OPINION.

Those numbers are not exactly screaming “sure-thing reelection.”  But this guy WILL have plenty of cash on hand to define himself however he wants.  He’s been catering to the Farm Bureau and Chamber crowd so fast and furious on amnesty for illegal aliens that his campaign coffers MUST be overflowing.

14 thoughts on “Despite underwater approval ratings, Tilli$$ keeps servicing donors, dissing voters

  1. Tillis was a known commodity. Our campaign clearly showed his record: 1) for Obamacare state exchanges 2) amnesty 3) common core 4) toll roads 5) TTP 6) abortions , other than for the mothers life 7) for practical federal gun laws, etc, etc , etc…. With that record, he still was endorsed by NRTL, NRA- sad.
    After the June 2013 state republican convention, we were ahead of Tillis and Hagan in the race.
    Then Hayes, Fitzgerald got Harris in the race. Why ?To win a primary , it went from 50% plus 1, to 40% plus 1. ( now it’s only 30%!).

    We were honored to be endorsed by Sen Lee, Sen Paul, Congressman Paul, Mark Levin, Matt Kibbe , Freedomworks, Grassroots NC, GOA, NGRA, Beck. Most importantly , we were honored to we 15/17 congressional and county polls.

    After we lost a run off by 4 %, ( in a previous blog, Brant said, “ Brannon told them to pound sand”). Yes I did. Tillis’ team asked me to give a convention speech at Cherokee. I said, “ I ran against progressives in both parties, comprise on foundational principles is defeat”

    Burr is no different. He voted for cloture to allow debate on the senate floor on both the I , II Amendments. He supports inside trading for congress and of course he voted for TARP. Etc…

    A legitimate government protects , life , liberty and property. When voting for any progressives, that believes in the collective over the individual is the enemy ( and by the way , exempt themselves) . Please read the Declaration of Independence, that is philosophical foundation of our republic. The constitution is the legal document to chain the federal government, not the individual!

    All we hear, we will hold their feet to the fire. Next time , we won’t vote for them…, they know they have a 93% victory rate.
    The rule of man leads to serfdom, rule of God’s natural law , leads to freedom.

    I am extremely optimistic for the future, Liberty will eventually shine through.

  2. This was the 2013 convention speech. Hayes , you will see, gave me a shirt half way through. The shirt says” the joke is over, I want my constitution back”. Hayes told me afterward, he has been looking for a while to fine someone to give the shirt to. Then next week, he got Harris in the race.

  3. Tilli$ is a piece of work on just about every issue. Another one where he is a big time Obama Republican is Obama’s green energy crusade. TilliS is an all-out Solyndra Republican, he is completely in bed with Big Solar and Big Wind and their crony capitalist special interest taxpayer subsidies. In doing so, TilliS is making himself a big enemy of electric ratepayers, taxpayers, and citizens that have to put up with industrial solar and wind facilities in their communities.

    Maybe Tilli$ should take a look at how wind and solar are playing politically in other countries. This month, Poland has announced it is phasing out wind turbines, with new policies that make new development a financial losing proposition and requiring existing wind turbines to all be removed by 2035, including the extensive underground support structures. In France, the popular Yellow Vest movement which is anti-tax and anti-globalist and recently forced President Macron to reverse carbon taxes on motor fuels with massive demonstrations across the country, used an online survey of its activists to determine its top issues going forward, and one of the top three is ending taxpayer subsidies for wind and solar. Polls show over 70% of the French people support the Yellow Vest movement, while Macron’s support is barely over 20%.

    Last year, new leadership in the Conservative Party in Canada’s most populous and most industrialized province, Ontario, took the party to the right and promised a reversal of the province’s support of wind and solar. In the legislative election, the hard charging Conservatives under Doug Ford flipped a 51 to 28 Liberal majority to a 71 to 8 Conservative majority. Ford’s new government immediately cancelled hundreds of wind and solar projects that were in the pipeline and has since repealed the provincial legislation that had provided taxpayer subsidies to wind and solar.

    Support for wind and solar also brought down both the state government in South Australia last year and then the national government. In its 16 years in power in the state of South Australia, the Labour Party had taken the state from zero renewables to having renewables provide 50% of the state’s electricity, proclaiming themselves “the wind and solar superpower” and saying last year’s election was a “referendum on green energy”. The voters responded by tossing them out of power. In going from zero renewables to 50% renewable, they had also gone from having the lowest residential electric rates in the world to the most expensive residential electric rates in the world, and from a reliable electric system to one where rolling blackouts were an everyday occurence. The leadership of the center-right coalition at the national level fell in an intra-party coup over the same issue. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his Energy Minister were big supporters of wind and solar while many of their members of parliament were turning against it. The internal party no confidence motion was organized around the energy issue and Turnbull was deposed by a wide margin. The new prime minister announced that price and reliability were to be the main considerations going forward on energy policy and he would be ending subsidies for wind and solar. The new national energy minister is a very outspoken opponent of wind and solar.

    Tilli$ and other Solyndra Republicans need to wake up and smell the coffee on the wind and solar boondoggles. Ratepayers, taxpayers, and citizens in general are getting tired of them.

    I do hope that Mark Meadows primaries Tilli$ next year. I do not believe Tilli$ is electable.

  4. Whoop-T-Do. Tillis is calling those of us advocating enforcing the law and fulfilling the congressional end of past promises the “far right” again.

  5. A typical left wing hate piece! We have to two outstanding representatives – not publicity hunting show horses!

    1. Ha! They are inside-the-beltway goons and nothing more. Paving their ways to cushy lobbying jobs they are working to secure now by kissing special interests asses. The only time they parade to the cameras is to bash our President or other real conservatives.

    2. The term “representatives” usually applies to the House of Representatives, and at that level, NC Republicans do have two outstanding representatives – Mark Meadows and Ted Bud – along with a third who is also usually outstanding – Walter Jones. We also have some who are fair to middling and at least one who is almost as bad as our two dreadful US Senators.

      In the Senate however, we have a pair of Obama Republicans who are little more than cheap prostitutes to the special interests, If you look at the ratings by key conservative groups, like Conservative Review, the most trusted rating, Tillis and Burr vote more often on key issues with Bernie Sanders than with Ted Cruz. They brownnose the corrupt special interests but do not seem to give a rip about their constituents back here in North Carolina. We need Senators who will stand firm for Republican principles and these two weak sisters simply refuse to do that.

  6. We should have known what to expect when Karl Rove backed Thom. Greg Brannon is such a wonderful candidate. Why he did not get more support from conservative Republicans, I will never know. Having two major RINO senators is almost too much to swallow

  7. We could have had a smart, principled true conservative man—Greg Brannon. Once again Grandpa meddled to deliver us the abysmal failure of Thom Thilli$$$. Harris was and is a useful pawn. Could care less if he is seated or not. Clearly he’s a puppet.

  8. Thom is a fraud and anyone who supports him is a left wing radical, simple as that. This is what happens when Karl Rove and Dallas Woodhiuse get together “for the people.”

  9. No one has any idea what the NC GOP stands for anymore. It’s been an unfolding tragedy for a number of years now. Sad to watch. We definitely need a new conservative party in the Tar Heel state.

  10. I don’t know a single GOP activist in my area who is excited about TIllis running for reelection, and most would rather he just go away. Cash out as a lobbyist or whatever. Many, including some GOP elected officials openly say they will not vote for him.

    Tillis has worn out his welcome in the party by a host of liberal votes. Other than not wearing a dress, there is little to tell him apart from Kay Hagan. But come to think about it, the way Tillis got so worked up about repealing the bathroom privacy law, HB2, even making a special trip to Raleigh to twist arms in the legislature on that issue, that action suggests he might also like to wear a dress on occasion, himself. You really do have to wonder which bathroom he uses.

  11. April 2014, I was at 33% Tillis was at 31%. Timewarner put a debate on at Davidson. Why there were two others in the debate, when one was polling less than 10% , the other was less than 4%? It was to , not allow a true debate , betweeen a constitutional conservative and a progressive.

    Please read and watch my answer about the II Amendment and progressive Tillis “ practical gun laws”. Also, Brant wrote a blog on the debate.
    In an open primary, at least Tillis did debate. I think his complete lack of any constitutional answers, was enough exposure of progressives, that Burr didn’t want to debate his record. Burr’s cloture votes on the I & II Amendments, his 10x increase in networth in 8 years, etc… Why vote for a person that won’t debate ?
    If we just use the constitution has our voters guide, this will change. Men’s opinions lead to destruction, God’s Natrual leads to Liberty. Not my words, Thomas Jefferson’s, Madison’s and others.
    Do we has a nation , really believe in the principles detailed in the Declaration of Independence? Our actions , say , no.

  12. After doing some research on Thom Tillis’s campaign reports one can see where Lyin Thom gets his marching orders from, The Koch Brothers. They have donated several $ 100,000 to his campaign through special interest pacs etc… Thom is a fraud and a true enemy of the people who elected him…

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