NC-09: Josh Malcolm was warned of Robeson County ballot shenanigans in JUNE

We’ve learned that former state board of elections chairman Joshua Malcolm was having  conversations about ballot shenanigans in Bladen County as early as April 2018.    A pair of senators in Raleigh is seeking answers from Malcolm about the substance of those conversations.  They’re also wanting to know WHY he waited so long to say or do anything about what he learned.  (Malcolm did not make any public statements about concerns regarding voter irregularities until well after the November voting had been completed.

Well, we’ve confirmed that Malcolm himself was briefed by the Robeson County board of elections chairman on suspected ballot shenanigans in Robeson County in JUNE.  

So, we have elections officials in the two counties at the center of the hubbub over the Ninth Congressional District registering serious concerns with Malcolm about ballot problems in their respective counties as early as spring and summer of 2018.  If that was the case, WHY DID HE WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE NOVEMBER VOTE TO SAY OR DO ANYTHING AT ALL? 

2 thoughts on “NC-09: Josh Malcolm was warned of Robeson County ballot shenanigans in JUNE

  1. We know the obvious answer. If the Republicans win significant races he would have this ready in his pocket. I would not be surprised if his conversations were with the guy who was doing the shenanigans keeping him in the loop so the documentation would be readily available after the election. If we had an actual curious media, this would be investigated and I am sure it would not be hard to find evidence that this whole situation is a setup.

  2. I think Joshua Malcolm should be subpoenaed to testify in front of a Federal grand jury about what he knew about absentee ballots and how long he has known about voter fraud in Robeson County. I will say that Joshua didn’t want to stay quiet because he had friends running for office and did not want to do anything to hurt them.There needs to be certain candidates should be call before a Federal grand jury and asked what they knew about ballots and the money that was being pass around in Robeson county. There needs to be a serious voter corruption investigation in Robeson.

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