Cooper ignored 2010 voting allegations in Bladen

What a difference (nearly) a decade can make.  Word has come out that the SBI was all over some serious allegations of voting irregularities in Bladen County as early as 2010.  The North Carolina Department of Justice was alerted.  Anyone remember WHO was attorney general (AKA head of that department) in 2010?

I believe those questions about 2010 now need  to be asked AT the governor’s mansion.

(FYI — here’s what happened to the DA at the time — Rex Gore. )

While working in the driveby media, I got to know quite a few law enforcement types — especially some SBI agents.  I asked one agent who I had good rapport with about political bias in the bureau.  His response:

“We answer to the attorney general.  He or she is an elected official.  If the attorney general wants someone GOT, they will be GOT.  If the attorney general wants something to disappear,  THAT is exactly what happens.”

I am willing to bet that a closer look at this particular episode will find someone involved who has close political ties to Cooper.  Or is related to someone who could be beneficial to a Democrat planning a future run  for governor.  

We’re getting all kinds of rhetoric about how outrageous the 2018 allegations  in Bladen County are.  Outrageous enough to hold up certification of a congressional race.

But apparently, things were not outrageous enough to crack down in the county in 2016 — or even 2010.

1 thought on “Cooper ignored 2010 voting allegations in Bladen

  1. What a quote about the AG Office! But no surprise here. Here are some more fun facts for today. Or quotes to live by. Things I taught my now grown children and have to reiterate occasionally:
    1. North Carolina has the finest politicians money can buy
    2. Republicans are just as corrupt as Democrats.
    3. The only justice in the Halls of Justice, is IN the halls.
    4. The Sheriffs are the ‘Kings” of their County, and run it any way they want to, even if it means contrary to law.
    5. When an elected official packs up the sedan and heads to Raleigh, it is customary to yank the rear view mirror off, so that there will be no temptation to see or think about the folks back home ever again. Their mind should only be occupied with positive thoughts of lucrative contracts, Havana’s, Sullivans, what potentially your legislative aide will look like, and 42nd St Oyster Bar.
    6. Greed >= Power.
    7. Greed + Power = Corruption
    7. Corruption = TMoore = PBerger = RCooper = JStein
    8. AG Attorneys < [a joke]
    9. Judges have too much power.
    10. You can't fight City Hall.
    11. Most press is biased.
    12. There are rally TWO Golden Rues…He who has the gold makes the rules. And Do unto others before they do unto you.
    13. When somebody says "It's for your own protection" it means the opposite and is to protect someone else.
    14. Figures don't lie….but liars figure.
    15. A General Assembly session in NC is like a NC Snowfall…you don't know how many inches you are going to get or how long it's going to last.
    16. You can't count on the American Civil Liberties Union to defend Civil Liberties any more than you can count on the NAACP for the advancement of colored people.
    17. Everybody is a racist.
    18. It's always someone else's fault. (or your childhood)
    19. Campuses are hijacking and brainwashing en masse.
    20. You don't have to change your oil every 3,000 miles.

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