#ncga: Complaint against Speaker Timmy dismissed on NCSBE&EE’s last day of life

A liberal activist group had filed a complaint against State House speaker Tim Moore over some private business dealings in  Chatham County.  Apparently, the belief was that a Moore aide had meddled in a state environmental review of a property Moore and his business partners were trying to sell for BIG $$$. 

Well,  Moore’s office has distributed an order of dismissal on the matter, signed by the NC state board of elections and ethics enforcement’s executive director Kim Strach, to several members of the driveby media.

What makes this extra interesting?  The dismissal came on the board’s LAST DAY in existence.  A court order had required the board to dissolve on December 28, 2018.

THAT is the date that Kim Strach signed and dated the order for dismissal of the complaint. 

Board staff have been publicly stating that the NC-09 investigation is taking up all their time and soaking up all their resources — keeping them  from dealing with other pressing matters like the dispute over the Columbus County sheriff’s race.

It looks like they had time and resources to get THIS monkey off of Speaker Timmy’s back, though.