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Tillis & Laroque: A political “family” affair

With federal investigators turning up the heat on state Rep. Stephen Laroque (R-Kinston), it will be interesting to see what — if any — action House Speaker Thom Tillis takes in regard to the beleaguered legislator.  Tillis has actively helped push out other scandal-tarred Republican legislators. House Minority Leader Joe…

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Coble going for term #15

The Greensboro News & Record reported today that Congressman Howard Coble (R) will seek reelection to the U.S. House seat he has held since 1985.   Coble, 80, is the oldest and longest-serving member in North Carolina’s congressional delegation.  He had a lengthy hospital stay earlier this year, fueling speculation…

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NCGOP’s lack of action on tax relief disturbing

The next time you’re filling up your gas tank at your local convenience store and cursing FILL IN THE BLANK (the store owner, the oil companies, George Bush …), think about THIS: At $0.389, North Carolina has THE HIGHEST per gallon tax on gasoline south of The Mason-Dixon Line. Virginia’s gas…

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Governor BOWLES?

The last time a member of the Bowles family ran for governor was 1972, which produced a highly divisive Democrat primary that led to the election of a Republican governor.  Will history repeat itself in 2012? Democrat big-dogs in Raleigh and DC are calling party operatives all over the state…

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Handicapping the contenders for NC Governor

        That sound you hear — in the wake of Bev’s announcement yesterday — is the explosion of politician egos.  From Murphy to Manteo, ambitious “public servants” are salivating over this sooner-than-expected “opportunity to serve the people.” Let’s take a look at who the contenders are SO…

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Bev: Outta Here?

  Reports are swirling through state political circles and political media that Bev Perdue will announce, at a press conference later today,  that she will not seek reelection as governor.  A  high-profile southeastern North Carolina Democrat, who also happens to be a good friend, told me he got a call…

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Game On! Judges refuse to delay NC primary elections

  A three judge panel in Raleigh refused this week to grant a request from Democrats and liberal activists to delay the state’s May primary.  This decision puts into play — at least, for 2012 — the legislative and congressional redistricting plans passed last year by the NC General Assembly….

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Bev & The Big Lie: GOP wrecked public education, so we need to pay more taxes

          North Carolina’s beleaguered boss lady, desperately trying to stop her political career’s slide down the drain, is hauling out every scare tactic in the book.  Bev’s current screed is about how WE — hardworking folks trying to make ends meet in the middle of an…

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McHenry, Jones facing spirited 2012 primary challenges from the right

    Republican congressman Patrick McHenry (NC-10) is being hit hard by his GOP primary opponent Ken Fortenberry, a retired newspaper journalist and publisher in Lincoln County.  Fortenberry suggests McHenry is talking the Tea Party talk, but is in reality too comfortable with the Washington establishment. Fortenberry has been pressuring…

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National and N.C. Democrats, without any successes to tout, crank up class warfare rhetoric

  If you believe the Democrats, the professional Left, and their allies in the alleged mainstream media (AMSM), a couple of rich guys — who happen to be registered Republicans — are completely responsible for all of the current economic turmoil.  Unemployed?  Blame Art Pope AND Mitt Romney.  Struggling to…