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Media trying to bail out Walter Dalton

  It’s been looking pretty bleak for Democrat gubernatorial nominee Walter Dalton.   The average of current polling shows him losing by 12 to GOP nominee Pat McCrory.  Dalton served in the General Assembly during an amazing spending binge, and has been lieutenant governor during one of the worst economic declines…

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NCGOV-wannabes talk about JOBS

    We’ve talked about A LOT of stuff in the 2012 race for governor of North Carolina.  We’ve heard a lot about Pat McCrory’s tax returns.  We’ve been treated to commercials featuring a Pat McCrory puppet.  It looks like some consultant finally woke up and said:”Hey guys, there are…

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Moore County Tea Partiers get in Robin Hayes’s face

Dee Park, president of Moore Tea Citizens, tried to pull off a stunt on Sept. 10 akin to a permanent peace agreement between cats and dogs.  She brought in North Carolina GOP chairman Robin Hayes to address her group– not exactly a Hayes fan club to start off with —…

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Campaign 2012: Folks who KNOW clue us in on where things stand in NC

During the past few days I’ve had the chance to pick the brains of a few of the wise men — and women — (Read: political insiders) on both sides of the aisle about what things look like, right now, for the November races. I found bipartisan agreement that McCrory…

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Morton Blackwell sounds off on RNC rules change controversy

    Remember the video of Robin Hayes’s temper tantrum at the RNC?  There was an older gentleman in the video who was invited as a guest speaker to explain his concerns with the rules changes.  (Rantin’ Robin gave him quite a sarcastic, disrespectful reception.) THAT was Morton Blackwell, arguably…

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NCGOP moves into damage control mode

        In the face of a “Fire Hayes and Clean House” groundswell among party activists, the folks at NCGOP are taking steps to limit damage caused by the leak of a videotaped rant by state party chairman Robin Hayes at the recently completed national convention in Tampa….

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Did Rantin’ Robin spark an intra-party rebellion?

  We are still feeling the aftershocks from NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes’s videotaped Tony Soprano-style shakedown of North Carolina delegates at the Tampa convention. I’ve personally heard from numerous activists across the Tar Heel State expressing their frustration on- and off-the-record.  People are demanding actions ranging from an immediate apology…

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Grassroots Republicans protest hardball tactics at GOP national convention

    It’s looking more and more like the DC Republican establishment has created for itself a MAJOR PR ISSUE that could blow up in the party’s collective face in November.  The hardball treatment of congressman Ron Paul and his delegates, as well as the dubious tactics to change the…

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Republican Liberty Caucus source stands up for Ada Fisher in RNC rule change fight

    We recently reported on a video documenting a temper-tantrum / tirade by NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes at the national GOP convention in Tampa.  The meeting documented on video was one called by Dr. Ada Fisher, one of North Carolina’s two representatives on the Republican National Committee.  Dr. Fisher…

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GOP vs. grassroots: Where to go from here?

I was listening to Rush discuss the flap over the rules changes at the GOP national convention.  He made an excellent point:   The establishment HAD everything going smooth.  ALL factions of the party were united behind the idea of putting their differences aside and voting to replace Barry Obama with…