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NCGOP email back on. Doubts raised on Dallas’s ‘security’ spin.

It sounds like things are calming down at state GOP HQ.  Here’s former state Rep. Glen Bradley offering up his two cents on the crisis: I think it’s interesting that neither Dallas nor many party stalwarts  like David Lewis noticed strained relations with Harnett. EVERYBODY who works at party HQ…

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ConnectNC: pro-bond campaign a feast for consultants

Some of the parasites who regularly feast on our political and governmental process are “chowing down” on the PR campaign for the multi-billion dollar bond issue on the March ballot. From the ConnectNC campaign finance reports, we found the following: Cornerstone Solutions of Raleigh has been paid $753,892.18 in “consulting…

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Loony Left a/k/a Chapel Hill’s “finest” showing their butts (*sigh*) AGAIN

Lefties love to bloviate about those of us on the right allegedly clamping down on free speech and showing violent tendencies.  Try bringing a conservative speaker to The People’s Republic of Orange County and see for yourself who it is doing all the hollering, disrupting, and denying of free speech….

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Taking a break …

Barring any wild and crazy news developments, we’re going to go dark for a day or two to celebrate this very special season.  Enjoy yourselves with friends and family alike, and come back to see us on the other side of the holiday.

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Nope, sorry.  THAT is NOT a course offering in the UNC-Chapel Hill curriculum catalog.  It’s actually one of the latest continuing legal education offerings from the Mecklenburg County Bar Association.  (Apparently, we’re on their email list too — just like with the NC House Republican Caucus.) If that course title,…

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#ncga: Taxpayers. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

It’s dumbfounding listening to the sales pitches and outright spin promoting the House’s road bond package.  We’re told it’s not a tax increase.  Never mind that bond issues involve obtaining permission to borrow money.  If the money is available in the budget, why would you need to borrow money?  If…

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#ncga: Jason Saine, the $19,116.45 man.

Imelda Marcos had 3000-plus shoes.  Fletcher Hartsell had, well,um, a lot of stuff.  The latest round of campaign finance reports show that Jason Saine, for the first half of 2015,  charged more than $19,000 worth of new clothes to his reelection campaign. Yessirree, that’s right.  The legislator from Lincoln County,…

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#NCGOP — Gambling, govt child care, and solar subsidies: Welcome to Kristen’s World

It’s astounding.  The Central Committee of the North Carolina GOP actually struggled with the idea of whether or not to hire someone as chief fundraiser who is IN BED with a whole lot of leftists and leftist groups. Kristen Laster has been an integral part of an effort to sell…

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#ncga: Fletch Rents

Political consultant do a lot of things for their clients.  Not many play landlord for them.   We’ve been following the unusual case of state senator Fletcher Hartsell (RINO-Cabarrus) — such a good Republican that he got committee chairmanships under Democrat majorities.   It took two and a half years,…

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#ncga [Something up in the House today?]

As you know, we — like Paul Tine — are members of the House Republican Caucus (without ever having been elected to the House as Republicans, of course).  We got this interesting missive in our email this morning: Is there something interesting — like a veto override — in the…