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Colin “Gay Stuff” on the June primary: Voters hate Donald Trump, GOP legislators

McClatchy-Raleigh was in need of some spin on the June primary.  And WHO better to provide said spin than their official GAY STUFF !!!™ correspondent, Colin Campbell? In today’s N&O — birdcage lining or fishwrap in most people’s homes — we were *blessed* with ‘seven things we learned’ from the June 7 vote:  […] Voters aren’t promoting state lawmakers right now: Six current state legislators and a former state senator…

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#nc-03: Following Taylor Griffin’s money

The McClatchy drivebys have finally caught on to something we knew waaaaaaaay back in November 2015.  Big Money from out of state is betting big on Walter Jones nemesis Taylor Griffin: […] Paul Singer, a New York-based hedge fund manager, has put his money behind challenger Taylor Griffin – one of U.S. Rep. Walter Jones’ primary challengers who came close to forcing the seasoned House member into a runoff two…

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Amerigeddon: Coming, um — (SOON?)

Hollywood gave us a look at a Soviet Invasion in “Red Dawn.”  The “Atlas Shrugged” trilogy gave us a critical look at the excesses and overreach of statists and the welfare state. On TV, ‘The Walking Dead’ gives us a look at Americans struggling to live and survive following a terrible national disaster. “Amerigeddon” a new film brought to us by director Mike Norris combines all three of those elements into…

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NCSU researcher behind “F***” website

Once again, I am proven right.  It is nearly impossible for leftists to partake in political debate without slithering into vulgarity, obscenity and profanity.  (We have TWO leftists who comment regularly on this site who are outliers.  They can actually write in complete sentences without using even one of George Carlin’s seven dirty words.  Scores of other leftists though, are regularly booted because of their potty-mouths.)  Senator Buck Newton, the…

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Ma Cotten calls the cops

Joyce Cotten — leader of the ongoing NCGOP mutiny AND chairman, for now, of the 2nd congressional district GOP — is holding court today in Sanford at what will likely be her last time at the podium for a 2nd district convention. Her role as a ringleader of the coup against party chairman Hasan Harnett has made her a target of heated criticism from grassroots activists. We’ve been alerted that…

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NCGOP email back on. Doubts raised on Dallas’s ‘security’ spin.

It sounds like things are calming down at state GOP HQ.  Here’s former state Rep. Glen Bradley offering up his two cents on the crisis: I think it’s interesting that neither Dallas nor many party stalwarts  like David Lewis noticed strained relations with Harnett. EVERYBODY who works at party HQ — and most visitors — can tell you a much different story. 

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ConnectNC: pro-bond campaign a feast for consultants

Some of the parasites who regularly feast on our political and governmental process are “chowing down” on the PR campaign for the multi-billion dollar bond issue on the March ballot. From the ConnectNC campaign finance reports, we found the following: Cornerstone Solutions of Raleigh has been paid $753,892.18 in “consulting fees” Campaign Connections (Brad Crone of NC Spin fame) has been paid $70,482.43 in “consulting services” Strategic Media Services of…

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Loony Left a/k/a Chapel Hill’s “finest” showing their butts (*sigh*) AGAIN

Lefties love to bloviate about those of us on the right allegedly clamping down on free speech and showing violent tendencies.  Try bringing a conservative speaker to The People’s Republic of Orange County and see for yourself who it is doing all the hollering, disrupting, and denying of free speech.   Yep.  The drum circle crowd was in rare form the other day as the partook in the umpteenth demonstration…

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Taking a break …

Barring any wild and crazy news developments, we’re going to go dark for a day or two to celebrate this very special season.  Enjoy yourselves with friends and family alike, and come back to see us on the other side of the holiday.

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Nope, sorry.  THAT is NOT a course offering in the UNC-Chapel Hill curriculum catalog.  It’s actually one of the latest continuing legal education offerings from the Mecklenburg County Bar Association.  (Apparently, we’re on their email list too — just like with the NC House Republican Caucus.) If that course title, um, excites you, here is some more info: CLE Credits: 1.5 Ethics Hours Fees: $90 Attorney Rate $45 Paralegal Rate …