#ncga: Empower Women! (*By, um, running some women against some other INCUMBENT women?*)

The North Carolina Democrats and their minions in the driveby media are all over social media about all of the, um, ladies they have running for the NC House in  2018.  *That’ll fix those sexist pigs in power, right?* (Um, right?)

Follow along with me and see if you notice the flaw in that spin:

[…] Rep. Darren Jackson, the top Democrat in the North Carolina House of Representatives, said on Twitter that he thinks the rise in women candidates has been especially pronounced in the last year.

“It’s something we were seeing way before all the sexual harassment scandals started to break,” he wrote. “After the 2016 election, a lot of women started turning out for events, indivisible groups, house parties. Many for the first time. Been seeing it for a year now.” […] 

In the Triangle, lawyer Sydney Batch announced her candidacy for House District 37, which represents southwestern Wake County. Batch is a certified child welfare specialist and runs a law firm focused on family law issues with her husband, J. Patrick Williams.

That seat is currently held by Republican Rep. Linda Williams, a former Holly Springs town councilwoman who joined the legislature last year after the retirements of former Rep. Paul “Skip” Stam, also a Republican.[…] 

Okay, so they’re pitting a female challenger against a female incumbent.  Next:

[…] In the northern Forsyth County suburbs of Winston-Salem, Terri LeGrand announced her plans to run against Republican Rep. Deborah Conrad for House District 74. […] 

Again, a woman challenging a female incumbent.  Next:

[…] In the Charlotte suburb of Concord, the 82nd district was redrawn so that its incumbent, Republican Rep. Larry Pittman, was put into a neighboring district along with fellow Republican Rep. Carl Ford. The new 82nd district is home to a different incumbent, Republican Rep. Linda Johnson.

Johnson could face Aimy Steele, an elementary school principal and former Spanish teacher who announced her candidacy Monday. Her campaign website was also having technical difficulties, but a statement from the Democratic Party’s spokesman quotes her as saying, “Since I was a young girl I felt a need to speak up for those whose voice was not heard.” […] 

Aaaaaaaand another woman running against a female incumbent.  (Though, I would think the Dems would be happy with Linda Johnson.  She’s a YUUUUUUUUUGE liberal.) 

On a side note, it will be interesting to see how Ms. Steele will manage to balance her principal job with legislating.  There are a lot of long hours in Raleigh while school is in session. (Of course, Tricia Cotham pulled it off somehow.)

HOW is it a victory for women when  you send one woman out to knock off another?  I guess the Dems’ warped logic here is a lot like the “logic” employed by The Round Rev, et. al., — “Not toeing the socialist line?  You’re not really black.”   “Diversity” is a big deal to these clowns EXCEPT when it comes to ideology and personal opinions.  

I found a female candidate seeking a NC House seat that I would recommend to you.  Candice Hunter is a Republican seeking to replace the less-than-desirable “Battlin”’ Bob Steinburg in the 1st district.  Here is Hunter’s web site.  Here is her Twitter feed.


7 thoughts on “#ncga: Empower Women! (*By, um, running some women against some other INCUMBENT women?*)

  1. Men have been running against men for all of our history. What is the matter with women running against ANYONE?

    1. I am pretty sure you fully missed the point as it is derived by logic. How is there any empowerment going on if the seat ALREADY is held by a female? To spell it out for the dense leftists out there….they are not really making any additional strides in women’s “empowerment” if they are not working to ADD to the female count in the GA…but they sure are making press releases as if they are doing something unheard of in the history of NC.

      1. Wrong-o. ANY women, or male for that matter, should feel free to run if they want to see movement of policy toward their thinking. That MORE women are doing so is a sign they feel empowered to do so which has not been the case hisorically (for the most part).

        1. I don’t really expect you to understand logic….But you again miss the point. There is ALREADY “empowerment” in each of these situations….how can there be MORE women when they are ONLY running against women? How can you advertise that you are doing something “special” when the specific situation is already the status quo where you are making this claim?

          1. Empowerment is NOT having one women achieving a post (in the legislature or elsewhere). Empowerment is having multiple women and men in position to achieve that post through competition = Logic.

          2. Your logic is totally flawed. Putting up two women for the same post is not increasing their empowerment….because a woman is already in a position of power…so there is nothing to give kudos for.

            Although I guess by your logic since the democrat “master” have given the women permission to run then that is “empowered”. I guess just like always the dems are in favor of slavery and being dictators.
            Maybe the NC dems need to consult with rocket man in Korea about how to treat women…it would be a step up. .

  2. So couldn’t they find a race that is held by a man where they put up a women to run? Or…are the dems just wanting to keep the women in their own little corner while keeping as many of their men as safe as possible?

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