A Commission on Slavery (*Just what I wanted for Christmas*)

*I KNOW when I think of oppression, I think of Davidson College.*  

*And when I think of people who have suffered under oppression, the first name I come up with is that of former Charlotte mayor, former US  Transportation secretary and Davidson alum Anthony Foxx.*

Well, those two forces are coming together to finally put an end to slavery and the drivebys are excited:

Davidson College has enlisted one of its highest-profile alumni to lead a study of the school’s ties to slavery.

Anthony Foxx, former U.S. transportation secretary and Charlotte mayor, will chair the new Commission on Race and Slavery, the university announced Friday.

“I am even more proud of Davidson College today than I have ever been – for having the courage to look in the mirror and attempt to understand itself through the prism of history,” said Foxx, a 1993 graduate and member of the Davidson Board of Trustees.

(Hmmm.  I wonder what kind of paycheck / stipend comes with this gig. I heard this guy was looking for work.)

[…] Davidson, founded by Presbyterians in 1837, embarks on the quest as America re-examines its racial history. Clashes over symbols of slavery and the Confederacy have flared across the country.

Davidson President Carol Quillen said current events “cast a spotlight on hatred” and add urgency to Davidson’s study.

The small private college, with about 1,900 students, joins a consortium of higher-education giants known as Universities Studying Slavery. All are trying to understand and acknowledge a part of history that has traditionally been suppressed.

Princeton University, for instance, has compiled hundreds of documents related to slavery there. Among the tidbits uncovered: The historic president’s home was the site of a slave auction, the New York Times recently reported.

Harvard University held a symposium on slavery and higher education this spring, featuring writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and an overflow crowd that drew researchers from more than 30 campuses.

And UNC Chapel Hill’s History Task Force is trying to figure out how to deal with campus monuments and buildings that commemorate slave owners and racists.

At Davidson, Quillen announced the creation of a slavery and race commission in September, supported by a $1.2 million grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation. The announcement came shortly after a white supremacy rally and counterprotests at University of Virginia in Charlottesville turned violent.

“The recent events in Charlottesville bore witness to hate that is propagated by those who threaten our collective public life and is antithetical to Davidson’s values and our nation’s promise,” Quillen said at the time.

“We have a responsibility as a liberal arts college to demonstrate the crucial value of scholarly inquiry to public life and to fulfilling this country’s promise,” she said. “To seek a full understanding of the college’s history with respect to slavery and race is to honor our commitment to the quest for truth as we strive to prepare students for thoughtful, creative lives of leadership in service to humanity.”


Foxx “is an exceptional leader who understands how to build inclusive, courageous communities whose honest assessment of the past and present paves the way for a more just and humane future,” Quillen said in a statement released Friday.[…]

How is ANY of this helpful?  No one currently walking around above the grass was alive when slavery was alive and kicking in America. Nobody.

[You have to wonder if they’ll touch on former student (and Democrat)Woodrow Wilson?]

It’s nothing more than ratcheting up the racial agitation and paving the way for the next political offensive by the radical left.  (Meanwhile, while our alleged institutions of higher learning are preoccupied with crap like this, students all over Asia are continuing to excel and leave their American counterparts in the dust in the race for global economic dominance.)