When Mark met Robin: Preacher / candidate in his own words

harrispointOne of the biggest questions surrounding the US Senate candidacy of Charlotte pastor Mark Harris is how he got tied up with Robin Hayes — former congressman, former NCGOP chairman, Tea Party nemesis and proud member of the liberal Ripon Society.

At a recent Tea Party meeting in Wilson County, Harris spoke frankly about how his candidacy came to fruition. He told the assembled audience that NC Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby  advised him to connect with Hayes.

Harris explained that his work in support of the 2012 marriage amendment and his ascension to the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention caused him to hear a real “outcry for leadership.”

He said that he worked closely with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in the marriage amendment fight.  After the victory at the polls in 2012, Perkins got Harris involved with the national “Watchmen on the Wall” organization.

Harris said he was inspired by this national effort, and worked with Perkins to bring the movement to the regional and state level.  He spoke about a national simulcast from his church in Charlotte in August 2012 that drew more than 300 pastors and included speakers like Rick Santorum, Franklin Graham, Kirk Cameron, James Dobson, and Perkins.

Around the time of that event, Harris said Perkins suggested he start thinking  about running for office.  His political ambitions were derailed for the rest of the year by the death of his mother and his efforts to care for his father.  In January 2013, he said he spoke with Tami Fitzgerald of the NC Values Coalition about a possible run for office. Harris said he also sought the counsel of former state senator Jim Jacumin and justice Paul Newby.

After one meeting at Newby’s court offices, Harris said the judge strongly advised him to get in contact with Robin Hayes.  At that point, Harris says he had only met Hayes THREE prior times: (1) In 1996, when Hayes ran for governor; (2) In 2003,  when Harris was leading a church youth trip to Capitol Hill in DC; and (3) in 2012, at a pro-marriage amendment rally.

Apparently, Hayes was SOLD on the idea of Harris running for office.  Hayes has helped assemble a campaign team for Harris that includes longtime Hayes political advisor Tom Perdue and several Hayes allies from Hayes’ tenure as NCGOP chairman.  Earlier this week, we learned that Hayes flew Harris around the state for numerous local press conferences to announce his Senate candidacy.

A friend of this site, who happened to be in the room when Harris made these remarks in Wilson, had this reaction to the candidate’s speech:

”Mark Harris is a likeable guy, and a very sympathetic figure.  But I am afraid he is being used by some people who don’t have the reverend’s, the state’s, or the nation’s best interests at heart.”


9 thoughts on “When Mark met Robin: Preacher / candidate in his own words

  1. Didn’t Paul Newby use Paul Shumaker as his consultant in his last court race? Paul Shumaker is Tillis’ consultant. Maybe that is the Tillis connection in all of this.

    Shumaker was also the consultant who cut the rotten and corrupt deal between Richard Morgan and Jim Black.

    1. Huckabee? The guy who sides with the establishment on the Obamacare shutdown? The guy who last election endorsed just about every establishment moderate who had a serious primary against a conservative for US Senate, nationwide? The guy who is Mr. Anti-Tea Party? The guy whom the Club for Growth called a ”Christian Socialist” and RedState.com called a ”Pro-life ststist”? The guy who endorsed Todd Akin against two Tea Party candidates, and then insisted that Akin stay in the race after his stupid comment made him unelectable?

      The very fact that Harris is apparently tight with Huckabee causes me great concern about his candidacy. If he starts wrapping himself around that doofus Huckabee in his campaign, that could make me just as allergic to Harris as I am to Tillis.

  2. So, if Harris wins the primary, will we (GOP/Conservative/TP/Libertarian) get behind him and defeat Hagan? I may be wrong, but I think Harris is a serious contender in this primary and not just merely someone pulling votes from other candidates.

  3. Looks like I need to send Greg Brannon a few more dollars. I don’t know Harris, but connections with Robin Hayes do not speak in his favor.

    1. I am all for beating Hagan, but Thom Tillis is not a viable alternative. The only difference I can see is that one wears a skirt and the other does not, at least that we know of! That is a pair of liberal special interest twits if there ever was one.

      1. I agree with you completely re: Tillis and any of his ilk. But, honestly, the bigger threat is Hagan and any Democrat. I am as right as right can be but I will not wage an ideological battle in 2014 or 2016. Look what the 3 million so-called conservatives who sat on the sidelines got us — 4 more years of Obama! I blame THEM for this disaster.

        We must get off our behinds and VOTE. Justify it as a vote against rather than a vote for. We MUST flip Hagan’s seat.

        And, then at the first available chance, when we have the numbers in place, go after the RHINOS. Burr is top on my list.

        1. Just so you know, this “Kim” is probably on scumbag Tillis’s trolling payroll. No, “Kim” a bigger threat is a p#@*k like Tillis serving in the U.S. Senate. Anyone who would be as stupid to let it be known he was recruited into politics by Jim Black/Richard Morgan and pays Paul Shumaker as a campaign consultant and brags about it, and then is as low as to drag a politically naive Baptist minister into a campaign as a paper tiger candidate is not fit to hold public office. The number one goal is to send scumbag Tillis packing. That should be the goal of all Republicans and then next go after the corrupt GOP establishment. Got it “Kim”?

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