#NCSEN: When is a draft NOT REALLY a draft?



We’ve been sold the idea that some folks out there in the grassroots have been clamoring for Charlotte preacher Mark Harris to jump into the 2014 GOP US Senate primary.  There’s a Facebook page out there called “I Support the Committee to Draft Mark Harris for US Senate 2014.”

McClatchy-Charlotte told us there’s a Draft Building for Rev. Mark Harris Senate Bid.”

McClatchy-Raleigh told us the Effort to Draft Mark Harris” is ” Beginning to Look Like a US Senate campaign.” 

On Twitter, there is an account called @Draft_Mark.

Harris’ campaign website address is draftmarkharris.com .

That word “draft” is all over the place.  But the conventional meaning of a political draft effort typically involves third parties rallying the grassroots to encourage some well-known figure to run for office.

Considering THAT — how does it square with what Harris said in that Wilson County Tea Party meeting?  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t hear anything that sounded remotely like a political draft effort.  Judging from what Harris said on the video, it sounds like was inspired by what he experienced during the campaign for the state’s marriage amendment.  Tony Perkins, according to the pastor, put the idea of running in his head.  Harris also reportedly sought counsel from several political figures like Tami Fitzgerald and Paul Newby. Where’s the draft effort?

It sounds like Mark Harris simply was inspired to get in the ring.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s part of our American tradition.  But it is dishonest to portray this scenario as a draft effort.

I am sure we got the truth from Harris on that Wilson video. I have a feeling the “draft” spin was fabricated by the politicos latched on to the pastor.  But, here’s a bit of advice for those political spin-meisters: Embellishing and playing fast and loose with the truth will end up hurting your candidate’s reputation and his standing in his day job.