Tyranny wears a black robe

judgeSo many people have been concerned about Barack Obama and the potential reign of terror by the pant-suited she-devil.  They really need to be focused on the most serious problem affecting our country and its future: ideologues on the bench who are way too comfortable with tip-toeing across the line from the judicial branch into the executive and legislative branches.  Unlike the legislative and executive branches, these people are unaccountable and untouchable.  They get lifetime appointments.

While our Founders intended the judiciary to be a referee — stepping in when our executive and judiciary branches stray too far from The Constitution — these judges have decided to jump full-throttle into the game itself.  We’ve had judges tell us — with straight faces — that birth control pills, sodomy, abortion, and a government takeover of health care are ALL in The Constitution and perfectly acceptable.

burrtOver the years, we’ve had statists in DC keep adding layer after layer of new courts and judges.  It’s reached a point where, if one judge rules in a way you don’t like, you can simply take your same case to another judge who will likely see things in a manner more palatable to you.

Here in North Carolina, we’ve had judges tell us it’s illegal to define marriage as between one man and one woman.  We’ve had them give conflicting rulings on our voting districts.  Now we’re even getting conflicting rulings on whether it’s OK to ask for ID when people go to vote.  It’s supposedly racist to require ID — even though we do so for purchasing sudafed,  driving a car, buying alcohol and cigarettes, cashing a check, signing up for new utilities, and scores of other less-significant not-mentioned-in-The-Constitution tasks. 

We elect Republicans to supposedly stop the approval of these statist, totalitarian judges.  Yet, Richard Burr allowed the approval of at least ONE of the two judges who OKed this decision striking down voter ID. Burr also endorsed the nomination of the judge who overturned our congressional districts AND marriage amendment.  He and Tillis also helped kill the filibuster of the nomination of the horrible, horrible Loretta Lynch. 

Serving on the federal bench is NOT about doing what Chuck Schumer or Ted Cruz want you to do.  Our Founders wanted people who could review what our executive and legislative branches have done, compare it to the verbiage in our Founding Documents, and give us a yea or nay based on that simple analysis.   Not the creative writing symposiums we are now currently blessed with. 

Yet, starting with LBJ and Abe Fortas, and accelerating with Reagan’s nomination of Robert Bork, DC politicos have twisted a very important aspect of our system of government into yet another extension of their political shenanigans.  They’ve, in effect, surrendered their legislative powers to these people in black robes who have lifetime appointments and can do whatever they want without repercussions. The guys and the gals in black robes can make all the tough calls  (The pols can use the spare time to collect even more bribe money.)  It’s disgraceful.  That’s tyranny.  That’s SCARY.

At some point if we’re going to save this country, SOMEONE is going to have to step forward and demand that we return to the checks-and-balances, evenhanded system our Founding Fathers intended.

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  1. The corrupt political hacks that Obama has appointed to our courts, and the Hildebeast would keep doing, are the biggest reason out there that we need to make sure that Trump is elected. Even if we do not trust Trump fully on the issues, and I do not, we simply have to stop the hijacking of the federal judiciary by the extreme left like the Marxist nincompoops who made this extremely radical ruling.

    We also need to be concerned about the weak cowards the GOP has in the Senate who keep approving these radicals, and, yes, Burr and Tillis I am talking about you, as well as the useless McConnell leadership.

    When Obama started with his authoritarian executive orders to bypass Congress, the Senate should have immediately retaliated by stopping ALL confirmations of all Obama appointments to anything until the executive orders were withdrawn. With a pathetic little coward like Mitch McConnell, who is afraid of his own shadow, running things, sadly, that was never in the cards.

    Voter ID laws are used around the world to stop vote fraud. These judges are nothing but crooked facilitators of election fraud. They destroy all credibility about the fairness and objectivity of our courts when they blatantly play dishonest and corrupt politics the way they do. Our federal courts have been corrupted by Obama just as much as our IRS and FBI.

  2. Nor only have the courts been corrupted but so has our military. Every County needs a militia in support of their local sherriff.

    Browny Douglas

    1. Every County needs a militia in support of their local sherriff.

      Isn’t that called the National Guard?

      This sounds ominous. To what end are you calling for a paramilitary force that stands apart from the US military?

        1. OK, but still… What is the need for a ‘militia’? Are we talking about armed insurrection against the US govt. now, because you lost on the Voter Suppression issue?

          1. Well, when you have no possibility of a citizen led militia, you open up to even more tyrrany than we currently experience. Just look at what the first thing the tyrants do…take away the guns. The only reason the US has not become a true socialist tyrannical state is because a huge number of citizens have the means to band together if that government gets out of hand.

  3. Republicans generally appoint strict constructionists who do not legislate from the bench like judges appointed by the Democrats. It is this infringement upon the authority of the legislative branch that is the biggest problem with our courts. Congress should start impeaching and removing from office judges who try to legislate from the bench, and they should have simply stopping confirming Obama appointees long ago.

    What we have now is Tammany Hall wearing black robes, corrupt political ward healers sitting on the judicial bench. This is a travesty of democracy. It is the Chicago Way brought to the national level.

    The type of utter lowlifes who get appointed as judges by the Democrats is illustrated by a Democrat appointed federal judge now being sued by a woman he raped when she was 16 and a key prosecution witness in a serial murder case and he was a prosecutor in that case:

  4. Electing or appointing activists who have their own agenda is a bad idea, it doesn’t matter if it’s community organizer president Obama, judge Ginsburg, city council member Roberts or attorney generals Mosby or Cooper.

    1. Legislating from the bench is a bad idea, but that is not what Republicans are seeking in judges. Republicans are seeking judges who respect the separation of powers, understand what is in the legislative not judicial purview, and do not make up things they ”discover” in the Constitution for ideological purposes. That is a very different thing than the Democrats appointing ideologues who will abuse their powers to carry out political objectives.

      What Obama has given us is ward healers in black robe, and that destroys the integrity of the courts.

  5. You have to admit that Tillis, Burr and McConnell seem to be letting us down now and then, but in reality, the Washington Republican Establishment is rooted in the states, including ours. And they are part of the Washington Cartel, above the interest of the states.

    This is why the states have not stood up and claimed their rightful duties, which are above and beyond the enumerated duties of the federal government. And someone needs to tell Bary that is why we need a para-military force. The tyrants have assembled a huge force of BLM, Black Panthers, imported Muslim terrorist refugees, SEIU thugs, etc. to do the job of controlling the masses for the tyrants. (As in Brown Shirts…)

    There is no answer remaining for federal overreach other than states, counties, cities, and precincts who declare, “We will not comply with unlawful regulations or legislation.”

  6. We have these judges because Burr did nothing to keep them from the bench. Remember in November.

    1. I could not agree more! Burr MUST go in November. He is an elitist Obama Republican who screws his constituents at every turn. And, do not buy into that establishment bullcrap of keeping the Senate. Look where THAT has gotten us.

      Also, please, please, please Buck Newton … Stop running such a pansy, tepid campaign!!! Start fighting back with fighting words. This should be an easy one…

  7. You know, considering the VIVA decision by the Obama 4th court yesterday I have a plan. At my address is a third voter who does not reside there. I may have to request an absentee ballot for that person to offset some of Bully Barbers fraud.

  8. You know, considering the VIVA decision by the Obama 4th court yesterday I have a plan. At my address is a third voter who does not reside there. I may have to request an absentee ballot for that person to offset some of Bully Barbers fraud.

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