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The legislative giant who told us John Boehner is her “boss” and that ”you can’t just take a law away because you want it to go away,” is really out-doing herself this time: 

The Republican Women’s Policy Committee, under the leadership of Rep. Renee Ellmers of Dunn, is trying something new: Recruiting men.

The group is made up of all 19 Republican women in the U.S. House of Representatives, and Ellmers is the chairwoman. Its goals, according to its newly released annual report, include: appeal to female voters, create a positive view of the Republican Party and make women in the party more influential.

As part of its expanded outreach, the committee in 2014 plans to recruit Republican congressmen as associate members. They’ll get to join in meetings, “although in a secondary role to our members,” the report said. The men also will get the Republican Women’s Policy Committee’s news clip dispatches, email blasts and other updates.

Male associate members will be expected to pay the RWPC’s dues out of their office budgets, to cover the group’s staff and other expenses.

The Republican Women’s Policy Committee existed in theory in the past, but in 2013 it acquired a website (, a Twitter account (@GOPLadies) and a Facebook page. The report said that it plans to collaborate in 2014 with the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative policy research group in Washington.

Why are allegedly conservative Republicans playing this liberal game of pigeon-holing people by race and gender? (I know, I know.  The consultants and the mainstream media have told these people in DC that the GOP has a “female problem.”   There are actually  A LOT of men AND women — black, white, red, yellow — who are concerned with unemployment, the federal debt, terrorism, the poor quality of public education, government overreach, taxes, spending and the ObamaCare disaster, among others.) 

Why is this getting even ONE DIME of federal money? Why is STAFF being devoted to it?  Why are the taxpayers picking up the tab for something that is clearly little more than a PR vehicle for Renee Ellmers to get more TV time and promote herself going into a contested primary?

4 thoughts on “That’s *OUR Girl* !

  1. Amazing how they’ll blow megabucks on worthless consultants when they could consult the grass roots for free

  2. Ugh… that sucks. Nothing admirable about fighting “negative” discrimination by using “positive” discrimination… you cant “fight” the idea that women aren’t given equal treatment…. by setting up a group based on preferential treatment based on gender…. that’s nonsense.

    Is it “really” that hard to treat people based on “the content of their character” and not silly things like race or gender? *sigh*

    Also disturbing that the taxpayer has to pay for this. How exactly is that supposed to jive with any smaller-government rhetoric?

    I wonder what kind of loophole they’re using to justify funding it – just a quick skim on the House ethics website I see a lot of info about how House office monies are “official resources” and arent to be used for campaign and political purposes.

    Would be nice to see her gone in 2014, but unfortunately we’ll likely be stuck with this failure for another round at least. 🙁

  3. Renee Ellmers seems to fancy herself a prom queen holding court. She just can’t believe her stroke of good luck landing this gig in DC. At this point, I’d vote for the Democrat over her.

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