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Big names, Big money lining up behind Garland Tucker

  The GOP challenger to Thom Tillis has a fundraiser coming up in Raleigh on June 5.   Tickets run from $125 to $5600.   Take a look at some of the names hosting the gig.  A lot of these people you might have expected…

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Veterans or campaign cash? Tillis chooses $$$.

  In 2014, the Tillis campaign for US Senate smacked Kay Hagan around for skipping an important hearing for a campaign fundraiser.  In 2020, it appears ol’ Thom and his team are  doing the SAME DOGGONE thing they jumped on Miss Kay about:   Senator…

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‘Circle of Death’? (Seriously ????) Drive-Bys, GOPe fight to save Tilli$$

  Never mind the polling that shows he’s got 40 percent support with 30 percent undecided in a FOUR-WAY race.  Or 90% name Id and 45% re-elect numbers.   Never mind his 59% conservative rating from Heritage Action or his 38% rating from Conservative Review….

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Tillis: “I’m not concerned about winning a primary, and I’m not concerned about getting re-elected”

    Good for YOU.  Why worry about things that are UNLIKELY to happen?         Mark Walker — known to the US Department of Justice as “Public Official A” — is still enjoying his time in the sun as a potential  Tillis…

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#ncpol: Club For Growth taking aim at Tillis?

    They went 1-1 in the two special congressional primaries in  this state this year.  But the fiscally-conservative Club For Growth played a huge role in getting Ted Budd elected to Congress and Renee Ellmers removed from Congress.   A release today from the…

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The Swamp pulling out all stops to save Tilli$$$

  Apparently, it’s SOP in DC GOPe circles to get all hard-nosed and mafioso on consultants who dare to work for primary challengers to congressional incumbents.  (Especially those incumbents who are in good standing with leadership and the lobbyists.)   Here’s one example that touches…

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Tilli$$$ 2020: Feel The Love

  You post an innocuous piece of pro-Trump propaganda and get blasted with 345 (and counting) nasty comments.  A handful of them appear to be liberals.  But quite a few look and sound like betrayed supporters.   Let’s go to Facebook, shall we? :  …

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Pro-LGBTQ. IS he? Or ISN’T he?

  I can remember the good old days when we had at least ONE US senator representing us who you KNEW — without a doubt — where he stood on an issue.  Now, we’ve got gay rights activists arguing over whether Thom Tillis is with…

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Tillis’s co-honorees at LGBTQ fundraiser help usher sweeping LGBTQ rights bill through US House. Will Thom help in Senate?

  Remember how we told you about senator Thom Tillis being honored at a Tuesday night fundraiser in DC as a  “pro-LGBTQ Republican member of Congress”?   In drive by media reports, organizers of the fundraiser stressed the importance of passing “The Equality Act” through…

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Tilli$$$, LGBTQ, and “The Equality Act”

  Most of the shock from this week resulted from Thom Tillis “coming out” as a gay rights activist.  But there is an even bigger angle to the story about his “coming out” party at that DC law firm.     The organizers seemed to…