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An interesting take on Garland Tucker

  Then hysterics of the Tillis campaign  AND the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC aka “The Incumbent Protection League”) have to somewhat intrigue you about this guy.   RealClearPolitics is out with an interesting piece on the Raleigh businessman-turned-candidate:   Where does an insurgent conservative…

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Tilli$$$ speaks out on his gay rights “crusade”

  He ran on killing ObamaCare and getting more GOP judges confirmed.  Since arriving in DC in 2015, he abandoned Tom Farr and hasn’t said or done BOO about ObamaCare.   Now, faced with a primary challenge from the right in 2020, Thom Tilli$$$$ has…

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More on gay rights activist Thom Tillis

  While most of you in the Ninth congressional district were voting yesterday, your junior US senator was being honored by gay rights activists at quite the soiree held at one of DC’s preeminent law firms.     Apparently, we had some doubters when we…

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Tilli$$$ to be honored as a ‘Pro-LGBTQ Republican member of Congress”

    Yessirree.  In fact, a reception is even being thrown in his honor to celebrate that designation:         Wow.  And not a conservative rating ABOVE 50 in the whole bunch.     (Looks like the cheap seats start at just under…

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Dallas’s gal-pal thrown into NCGOP vice-chairman race by the Tillises?

  The Tillis reign of terror is apparently continuing.  Our very own version of Bill and Hillary Clinton are busily primarying Dan Forest for the 2020 GOP gubernatorial nomination.  They’re trying to  force Mike Whatley in as NCGOP chairman.  They’re slithering around behind the scenes…

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Mike Pence fundraising for Tilli$$$$

  News like this makes you wonder how seriously we can take all of this ‘cleaning up the swamp’ talk:   Vice President Mike Pence will attend a fundraising dinner with Sen. Thom Tillis in Greensboro on May 22, an important sign of support from…

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Meadows: Tillis to get a ‘legitimate’ primary opponent

      Congressman Mark Meadows told The Washington  Post he’s not interested in running for the US Senate.  But added THIS caveat:   (Here’s video of Meadows talking recently with The Washington Post’s Robert Costa about The Mueller Report.)   This news comes on…

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#ncpol: Thom Tillis trying to thwart Dan Forest’s gubernatorial bid?

  That’s the skinny coming from behind several POWERFUL closed doors in DC and Raleigh.  (As if we needed ANOTHER reason to HATE Thom Tilli$$$$.)   Why, you ask, would this amoral, unprincipled *genius* be attempting something like this?  I’m told that Tillis and his…

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Thom Tillis 2nd-most unpopular GOPer up for reelection in 2020. (Um, SURPRISE !!)

  Things have been busy around here. You know, with Robin Hayes getting indicted, two congressional races, and the usual nonsense from Jones Street.  Thom The Therrible has gotten a wee bit of  a break from our usual spanking.       Alas, something has…

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#hayesscandal : Um, The RNC to the (*SIGH*) rescue?

    Two guys who played a big part in bringing The North Carolina Republican Party to its current state of disaster are apparently intimating JUST THAT: […] “What you saw in North Carolina 9 is very different than what we’ve seen reported this week….