Tilli$$ advises Dems on how to thwart Trump, House Republicans

Yessiree, folks. The fraud, treachery and deception just keep on coming.  In addition to putting out hits on conservatives here in North Carolina, our senior senator has been out front in trying to keep our tax dollars flowing to the quagmire in Ukraine. (He is working sooooooo hard for Ukraine.  There has to be a set of seriously deep pockets and fat wallets powering the efforts of the, um, “gentleman” from Mecklenburg.)

Tillis was one of 18 — count ’em – eighteen Senate Republicans who joined with Democrats to keep Ukraine aid alive.  According to DC drive-bys, House speaker Mike Johnson is pledging to stop this effort in the Senate.  Tillis was kind enough to advise Schumer, Biden and House Democrats on how to thwart any Republican efforts to try and stop Ukrainian aid from passing the Congress:

[…] House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) is unlikely to take up the legislation if it ultimately passes the Senate, after many hard-right lawmakers have drawn a line on sending funds to Ukraine as it fends off a Russian invasion.

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) said an “obvious choice” to improve the bill’s chances in the House would be for Democrats to use a discharge petition to circumvent Johnson’s will. Sen. Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.) said discussions are being held with House lawmakers to follow such a path. […]

There you have it, folks.  Our REPUBLICAN senator is in The Washington Post openly talking of aiding and abetting Democrats in their efforts to foil the plans of congressional Republicans.

Thom Tillis‘s mischief is not just centered in DC.  He and his henchman Paul Shumaker are hard at work taking over the ranks of our state’s elected officials.  Tillis and Shumaker are the brains behind gubernatorial candidate Bill Graham and Department of Public Instruction superintendent Catherine Truitt.

We have several GOP congressional primaries happening in our state.  In the 8th district, Tillis and Shumaker are behind state Rep. John Bradford.   Bradford was Tillis’s pick to succeed him in the state House.  Folks in Cabarrus County may remember Bradford for aiding and abetting Catherine Whiteford‘s attempt to parachute in and hijack what had been a longtime safe GOP state House seat.

In the 10th district, state Rep. Grey Mills is the horse Shumaker and Tillis are betting on.  In the 11th, Chuck Edwards has been in the Tillis / Shumaker camp since they elevated him from the state Senate to take out conservative congressman Madison Cawthorn.  Over in the new 14th district, Tillis and Shumaker are behind the congressional candidacy of state House speaker Tim Moore.

Tillis and Shumaker are creating quite a cottage industry of aiding Republicans who enjoy collaborating with liberals and stomping on conservatives.  Will North Carolina Republican primary voters allow them to keep getting away with it on March 5?