Misquoted? Completely wrong? I don’t think so, brutha.

Digital video can be the darnedest thing.  Especially for politicians who have to run away from — paraphrasing Chris Tucker in ‘Rush Hour’“the words coming out of [their] mouth(s).”

Our lieutenant governor – excuse me, governor-in-waiting, was being fawned over this morning during an appearance on ‘Real America’s Voice’ news.  He spent a good amount of time complaining about media always wanting to ask him about social issues. (Never mind that rants about gays constitute most of his social media posts and public utterances.)  Interestingly, RAV invited him on this morning to talk about men in ladies restrooms.  Up until now, it has not been an issue in North Carolina’s 2024 election.    (*Balanced Nutrition, $30k-per-week beach houses, misleading the IRS, and possibly obtaining improper federal loans SHOULD be an issue, though.*)

A drive-by published a story featuring some video of recent Robinson campaign speeches where he ranted about this particular subject.  One thing that appeared to catch the drive-by’s attention was Robinson reportedly saying that trannies just need to “go outside.”

Robinson addressed that account today on RAV, suggesting that he had been, um, “misquoted” :

“[…] It’s funny. These folks, not only do they misquote me, they get it completely wrong. I told folks that we were going to protect women’s sports and if they didn’t like it, they could find a corner and go cry in it.[…]”

As they say on certain sporting events, ‘let’s go to the tape’:

[…] We’re not going to have conversations about which bathroom to use. If you are a man and on Friday night you at the mall on Saturday night you better go to the mens bathroom. If you are confused, find a corner outside somewhere. […] 

Hmmm.  I didn’t hear anything about women’s sports there.  (*Maaaaaaaaybe he was talking about ANOTHER speech.*)

Oh, and the whole spin from the lieutenant governor suggesting that he’s clamming up because he’s said all he wants to say about social issues?  I think it has more to do with his campaign aides clamping down on him due to PR-inspired headaches his mouth causes them. 

One of the THREE co-hosts on the RAV show snapped out of the spell and decided to ask Robinson about what he might do for North Carolina as governor.  Here’s what the governor-in-waiting had to say:

[…] “North Carolina has a grand opportunity to do something it’s been talking about for years which is spreading our economy from Murphy to Manteo. Building up those places in the eastern part of the state. Building up the places in the western part of the state.  

And that is exactly what we’re going to focus on. we want to make sure we start the process to build North Carolina into an absolute superpower – economic superpower — where the economy expands from one side of the state to the other.  And no matter where you stand, you are able to take the economic opportunity in your communities and we want to do it community by community city by city and county by county. and that’s how we are gonna get it done and that’s what were going to focus on.” […]

Okay, got THAT?  *Hmmm, I wonder if he happened to share this master plan with his fellow Republicans,  the speaker of the house and the president pro tem of the senate, while he’s been serving as president of the state senate?*

Remember, Republicans.  There ARE two more choices to evaluate in this gubernatorial primary.  You are not necessarily stuck with HIM.