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#ncga: Jeff Tarte, down with The Struggle.

We came across a recent episode of a Facebook podcast called “The Millennial Voice.”  It featured state senator Jeff Tarte answering rather vapid questions from a rather bright-eyed, bushy-tailed millennial Charlottean. I had to pause the video and perform multiple eye-rolls and face-palms in response…

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#ncga: Both sides claiming lead for Tarte’s Meck senate seat

You know what polls are like.  Everyone’s got one: […Senator Jeff]Tarte’s campaign this week is touting the results of a recent poll that shows him with a 46-43 percent lead. That’s within the 5.7 percent margin of error, but it’s an improvement from previous polls….

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#ncga, In SD-41, Marcus(D) swamping Tarte (R) in fundrai$ing

Democrat Natasha Marcus is apparently looking a lot scarier to Jeff Tarte than Nicole Revels.  The Democrat’s 1st quarter fundraising totals exceed Tarte’s total haul for the year.  Disclosure reports show Marcus raised $113,802.53 from 375 donors during that period.  Tarte reported raising $35,456.34 from…

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#ncga: Charity calls out Tarte on his PORK

I thought it was unusual to see $200,000 tucked away in the recent budget agreement for “classroom supplies.”   Those are normally appropriations handled by local governing entities — city councils, county commissioners, and school boards. The budget agreement even cited a charity called DonorsChoose…

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Tarte: I handed out YOUR money to “save kids” (*NOT TO BUY MY RE-ELECTION*)

Apparently, state senator Jeff Tarte has been fielding some questions about his hand-off of $200,000 of our money to a local charity in Mecklenburg County.  The charity has ONE MILLION in the bank, and was already on the verge of meeting its monthly fundraising goal….

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#ncga: Being charitable with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY

I’m a big fan of private citizens voluntarily investing their time, talents, and funds to do good for their fellow man.  (I’ve done my share via my involvement with various civic clubs and my church.)  It can feel quite good knowing that your sacrifice /…

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Dallas, his Gramps & the NCGOPe show their cards re: 12th district

The NCGOP organization in the 12th congressional district has its work cut out for it.  The district is majority DEM, so they will NEVER get a congressman elected.  But, in recent years, the feisty bunch in that district has managed to be one of the…

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#ncga: Jeff Tarte. STILL afraid of Nicole Revels.

Guys, we need to get together for an intervention.  Senator Jeff Tarte is making our gender look really, really bad. Most men would be flattered to have an attractive young woman seeking to talk with them.  But not ol’ Jeff.  He calls the cops. Remember…

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#ncga [Think Jeff Tarte is going to help you stop tolls? HERE’S your sign.]

Senator Jeff Tarte has been great for this site.  We pride ourselves on calling out arrogance and indifference among the political elite.  We pride ourselves on catching politicians saying one thing to their voters, and doing another when they get to work. Ol’ Jeff is…

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#ncga: Nicole Revels 1, Jeff Tarte 0

She came.  She saw. She conquered.  The video of conservative activist Nicole Revels trying to question her state senator Jeff Tarte about his mandatory vaccination bill has gone viral. (Tarte and his co-conspirators in the legislation were trying to repeal the religious exemption for vaccinating…