Tarte: I handed out YOUR money to “save kids” (*NOT TO BUY MY RE-ELECTION*)

Apparently, state senator Jeff Tarte has been fielding some questions about his hand-off of $200,000 of our money to a local charity in Mecklenburg County.  The charity has ONE MILLION in the bank, and was already on the verge of meeting its monthly fundraising goal.  (They didn’t need the money.)

Meanwhile, the state veterans’ cemetery in Goldsboro was denied $200,000 by legislators to help keep its doors open.

Here’s Tarte on Facebook:

A GRANT to the Town of Huntersville for a study on melanoma ????  (How many doctors are on staff at town hall?)

NOBODY is bashing Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Groups like that AND The Boys & Girls Club are great organizations that everyone ought to support.  But this BBBS chapter is located in a deep-pockets area with a lot of generous donors.  They were doing fine without the state money.

Charity is about neighbors helping neighbors.  Supposedly, the GOP is about people – not government – looking after other people.

Don’t let Tarte kid you.  This was basically a $200,000 ad buy for his reelection campaign — financed with OUR MONEY.  


8 thoughts on “Tarte: I handed out YOUR money to “save kids” (*NOT TO BUY MY RE-ELECTION*)

    1. In that regard, he’s not alone. But with many of these people, the fault lies with local parties, they’re status quo establishment and and their leaders don’t understand or care how people like Tarte hurt the Party.

      1. The NCGOP used to actively handle candidate recruitment and work it through the local parties. We got a lot better candidates that way. Then we had some lazy NCGOP chairmen who abdicated the responsibility of legislative recruitment to the GOP legislative caucuses, meaning in reality the leadership, who rarely even talked to local party leaders. That is when we really started getting duds running on the GOP ticket. They even recruiting for primaries against conservative incumbents like they did in getting ultra liberal John Fraley to primary Robert Brawley.

        We need grassroots oriented NCGOP leadership which will re-assert the role of the party and particularly the local parties in the legislative recruitment process. Where we have reform minded district chairmen, they need to rise to the occasion, as well.

        The same is true at the federal level. We have liberal US Senators from NC largely due to the role of the NRSC and Karl Rove in interfering in the recruitment process for US Senate candidates. They need to be told severely to keep their noses out of our candidate recruitment process. That is for North Carolinians, NOT outsiders..

        1. It’s a shame Iredell County is represented by that liberal Fraley. But the local GOP in crowd still loves smiling for the cameras and taking pictures with him.

  1. Party leaders, on County and District levls, need to realize that one of their prime responsibilities is the recruitment of good candidates to represent the brand. The next step is to vet them, train and help elect them, and then hold their feet to the fire when they stray from the agreed upon mission. On the other hand, you can’t provide too much support or encouragement to those elected officials you think are doing a great job as, after all, it is a thankless task. I keep reading “this one needs a primary” and wonder if the writer is actively looking for replacements that can win…otherwise it is a futile excercise.

  2. I have witnessed his corruption when he is was mayor of our town. Notice that he defends the certificate of need scam that causes major damage to our health care system.

    1. His wife is a doctor! Hence his position on mass Inoculations and certificate of need. He’s arrogant and ill tempered.

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