Dallas, his Gramps & the NCGOPe show their cards re: 12th district

The NCGOP organization in the 12th congressional district has its work cut out for it.  The district is majority DEM, so they will NEVER get a congressman elected.  But, in recent years, the feisty bunch in that district has managed to be one of the real hotspots of conservative rebellion against the Raleigh establishment.

So, you can imagine the the authoritarians who dominate the pinky-in-the-air GOPe crowd in Raleigh would love to  shake things up in that district down Charlotte way.   We told you earlier about some real hinky monkey-business in that district that appears to have been orchestrated by Dallas’s grandpa. Basically, it’s a hijacking-from-above of the local district’s party apparatus. 

Now, thanks to an email from perpetually-constipated state Senator Jeff Tarte, who — by the way — is (1)scared $h!tless of the lovely and talented Nicole Revels AND (2) best buds with Thom Tillis, we are starting to learn what Grandpa’s hijinks in the 12th were really all about:

Fellow Delegates,

On April 22nd at District Convention our newly created 12th district will meet and pick for the first time a leader to speak for us on the central committee of the North Carolina Republican Party. I can think of no better individual to speak and represent us here in Mecklenburg County than Linda Angele.

Linda Angele had her start in politics at the University of Miami with the first group of College Republicans working for the reelection of Richard Nixon. She was the first Republican in her family.

With a career in banking she worked in lending for community banks handling areas from commercial, SBA, mortgage, loan recovery, International Letters of Credit and a defalcation.  She also taught classes for the American Institute of Banking at Miami-Dade College.

When a group of investors asked her to set up the lending department for a new bank she helped with the Charter application through the State of Florida as well as working with the Federal Reserve.

After moving to northern Illinois, she was involved with the Girl Scouts where she was troop leader and a Service Team leader to 21 troops of the Moraine Council. After that it was on to North Carolina where she volunteered at her daughter’s school and started the school store at Davidson Elementary.

Over the last 5 years she has served as the Vice Chair of the 9th Congressional District. She has served terms as treasurer and President of the North Mecklenburg Republican Women. In 2012 Linda was the #2 door knocker for Mitt Romney in North Carolina having contact with over 7,000 voters. Through all the moves she has worked in her precinct as co-chair to get Republicans elected.

The last 2 years she has worked with Main Street Advocacy, a Washington, D.C. organization representing 72 members of Congress, as the Director of the Women2Women Conversations Tour.  This is a nationwide effort to encourage women to get involved in the political process by voting, running for office, or helping others run.  As the Director of the Women2Women Conversations Tour she organized workshops around the country with members of Congress. It has been so successful the RNC began using it for its woman’s outreach in 2017.

Linda has devoted her entire life to service of the conservative cause. A tireless volunteer who has regularly been listed as the top volunteer in all of our state, Linda will speak for our grassroots activists. She will fight for more resources for our district to help elect Republicans up and down the ballot. She has assembled a fantastic slate to lead our 12th district.

So make sure you show up Saturday April 22nd at CPCC-Zeiss Building in Room 100(1231 Elizabeth Ave., Charlotte, NC 28235) at 9:00 am ready to register for the 12th district convention and vote for Linda Angele and her slate to lead our 12th district.

Well, the senator certainly contradicted himself.  He praises this woman as having “devoted her entire life to service of the conservative cause” after having highlighted her work for Main Street Advocacy.  Main Street Advocacy is all about getting the church people and the other social issues crowd OUT of the GOP.  They, like Thom Tillis, believe political dominance is found at the murky, muddy middle.

Make yourself indistinguishable from the Democrats.  Former NC House speaker Richard Morgan affiliated with these people.  So did former congresswoman Renee Ellmers.  NONE of them screams ‘conservative.’

So, the party apparatus did its duty and threw a monkey wrench into the process to hamstring the conservatives in the 12th.  Meanwhile, Tarte and his boys have their plan to further Rockefeller-ize the NCGOP revving into gear.  Thanks to the leadership of Thom Tillis and Pat McCrory, the dream of neutering the NCGOP started under Jim Holshouser may finally be realized.