#ncga: Jeff Tarte. STILL afraid of Nicole Revels.

Jeff-Tarte-pointing-sittingGuys, we need to get together for an intervention.  Senator Jeff Tarte is making our gender look really, really bad. Most men would be flattered to have an attractive young woman seeking to talk with them.  But not ol’ Jeff.  He calls the cops.

Remember a while back when he flipped out at the very sight of single mother Nicole Revels and her child in his office?  The senator went into panic mode and called for security to escort Nicole and her kid out of the legislative building.  Well, the two had a bit of a reunion of sorts on Facebook:


10648245_10205422440187460_3802899461962110385_oHere is the video of the incident Tarte is referring to.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t see any shoving or disrespect on Nicole’s part.  I DO see the Mecklenburg senator melting down at the sight of this young woman in his office.

Many of you may have gotten to know Nicole and her son from their tireless efforts traveling the state to campaign against the ConnectNC bond.  It’s amusing, to say the least, to see this senator apoplectic about a young woman who won over a lot of fans for her poise and professionalism in defending the anti-ConnectNC position.

11 thoughts on “#ncga: Jeff Tarte. STILL afraid of Nicole Revels.

  1. I read Jeff Tarte’s comment to my son (who was there with me that day), and upon hearing Tarte’s account of what happened he said, “Mom make me a Facebook so I can type ‘Liar.’ “

    1. After the way Tarte betrayed local voters on the tolls, I had hoped that the local anti-toll group would challenge him in the primary and beat his worthless ass. Unfortunately, they did not.

  2. Long story short, Tarte is the political equivalent of a pimp, whoring out the rights of the people to his clients, the pharmaceutical industry, and is kept in power by the ignorant.

  3. Tarte: the perp playing the victim. Childish. He was embarrassed that day at the outpouring of mothers from across the state. All of them speaking to their own senators and bringing him the shame he deserved. What a sign of immaturity and behavior unbecoming a Statesman to react out of fear because he was being exposed. And then blaming his intern?? “She was afraid of you!” No poptarte, YOU were afraid of her.

  4. Since when does a citizen of the state need an invitation to a public servant’s office? I was under the impression the we owned the building and that its occupants worked FOR us.

  5. This is the video that started it all. Nicole Revels asked Senator Tarte to comment on the efforts to stop the toll lanes on I-77. I guess he blames her for the fact that he made an ass out of himself. Hey, you can lead a horse to water, but Jeff lapped it up all on his own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggZiujX3EoQ

  6. Jeff Tarte attacked every parent in NC when he sponsored S346 which would strip us of our right to a religious exemption to vaccines. The blowback was appropriate and justified.

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