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#ncga: Moore County in the House

Jamie Boles is busy representin’ the Golf Capital of The World in the NC General Assembly.  He’s introduced a bill allowing the county commissioners to redistrict themselves. Boles has introduced another piece of legislation that is sure to have some tongues wagging: A BILL TO…

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#ncga: Once again, taking care of THEIR OWN businesses

There’s nothing like being able to change state law to the benefit of your own personal business dealings.  Why, just today, we had three legislators — all of whom just happen to have significant financial interests in funeral homes — introduce a bill that does JUST…

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#NCGA: Pay-to-play in living color, in your email inbox

An awful lot of Republicans here in Moore County found the item below in their email inboxes this morning: “I must raise money in order to help the Republican Caucus and to maintain my leadership.” I’ve heard whispers about this, but I’ve never seen it…

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NCGA short session: Taking care of (his) business?

Well, the honorables are back at it on Jones Street for the so-called “short session.” So, we thought it would be fun to check out their agenda for this week. House Bill 810 is on the list for consideration by the Senate Commerce Committee this week….

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NAMING NAMES: national gambling scandal $$$$ lined a lot of pockets in both parties on Jones Street

The North Carolina state board of elections is calling for a probe into campaign contributions made by an indicted Oklahoma businessman and his wife to Gov. Pat McCrory and scores of North Carolina state legislators. Chase Burns, the owner of International Internet Technologies (IIT), is…

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Tax Day in Southern Pines: Tea Party ranks swelling, Jamie Boles spelling, Richard Speer excelling, Renee Ellmers #FAILing

It was a busy afternoon in Moore County for conservative and Republican activists.  Moore Tea Citizens had a nice turnout for its fourth annual Tax Day Rally in front of the town’s post office.  The Moore County GOP also opened the doors for its campaign…