#NCGA: Pay-to-play in living color, in your email inbox

An awful lot of Republicans here in Moore County found the item below in their email inboxes this morning:


51f805d0e284b.preview-300“I must raise money in order to help the Republican Caucus and to maintain my leadership.”

I’ve heard whispers about this, but I’ve never seen it this blatant.  Boles makes it pretty clear that — if he wants to keep his committee chairmanship — he better cough up some bucks.  Notice how checks need to be made to his campaign committee — and not to the House Republican Caucus or the NCGOP.  Also notice that Boles is running unopposed this year. 

We heard previously about a legislator from Forsyth complaining about the pressure to fundraise when she was unopposed.   Republicans took over on Jones Street in 2011 promising to be different than the Democrats who ran the place for eons.

This is not a partisan thing — it’s an institutional problem kept alive by the political establishment. Committee chairmen need to be the best and the brightest, with experience and ideas that can best benefit the people of North Carolina and promote the party’s conservative agenda.  Having to pay up — Soprano or Corleone-style — so you can help your constituents and remain relevant at the Legislative Building is disgusting.