NC-06: N&O, Daily Kos try — and fail miserably — to match wits with Mark Walker

walkerIt appears that The Raleigh News & Observer has partnered with The Daily Kos in its political coverage.  I am amazed at how often the far-left web site shows up as a source in the pages of that far-left, failing rag of a newspaper.

“GOP candidate Mark Walker says he has no qualms about war with Mexico.”

That’s the headline that made me do a spit-take while sipping my morning coffee.  Mark Walker wants to go to war with Mexico?  Let’s learn more: 

Mark Walker, the Republican candidate for North Carolina’s 6th Congressional District, has a plan for dealing with securing the country’s border with Mexico: first use the National Guard then escalate. (See the video below.)

At a candidates forum held by Will of the People, a tea party group, ahead of the Republican run-off election, Walker was asked how he would secure the country’s southern border.

His answer: “My first answer is we’re going to utilize the National Guard as much as we can. But I will tell you, if you have foreigners who were sneaking in with drug cartels to me that is a national threat and if we’ve got to go laser or blitz somebody with a couple of fighter jets for a little while to make our point, I don’t have a problem with that either.”

The moderator then said: “I hope you wouldn’t have any qualms about starting up a little war with Mexico.”

Walker assured he would not, saying: “Well, we did it before, if we need to do it again, I don’t have a qualm about it.”

Dome notes he refrained from saying “Remember the Alamo.”

The video was made on June 26. Watch the whole thing below. The border remarks are around the 42:33 mark. […] 

Ah.  So we’re JUST NOW reporting on a video from a June candidate’s forum.  This was for the GOP runoff in that district.  Why are we just now hearing about it?  First, it’s very likely that Walker’s comments would not have any negative impact with primary voters.  Second, in all likelihood, this was likely fed to the N&O by their comrades in the Democrat opposition research ranks.  What makes us think that?:

[…] The Daily Kos, as far as Dome can tell, was the first to report the exchange. […] 

The take on the video by the far-left web site was even funnier and more bizarre than what Low-T HQ in Raleigh came up with:

[…] The latest candidate to sign up for the hard-fought America’s Dumbest Congressman competition is Republican Mark Walker, who’s running for North Carolina’s deep-red 6th Congressional district.[…]

But I don’t think that prepared any of us for the revelation that Mark Walker’s answer to undocumented immigrants is to “go laser or blitz somebody” in Mexico, as he told a local Rockingham County tea party group called Will of the People on June 26th of this year. Ye Gods, man:[…]

I realize our standards for who should be in Congress these days have been thoroughly dismantled by the likes of Bachmann, Steve Stockman and Louie Gohmert, but shouldn’t a theoretical national leader have just a few qualms about going to war with Mexico in order to prove a rather nebulous not-sure? Just a wee bit of qualms? (And what does it mean to “go laser” somebody? Will that make it into the congressional resolution, that the Congress of the United States hereby demands we “go laser” someone? Either I am not hep to modern tea party lingo or this man is a bonafide imbecile.) […] 

Let’s educate this leftist skull-of-mush.  “Lasering” is the act of training a beam of light on a target so that a laser-guided missile will know where it needs to go KABOOM.  It’s what those heroes at Benghazi were doing to the folks attacking our embassy — thinking that their commander in chief was sending in fighter jets, armed with laser-guided missiles,  to their rescue. 

It’s also clear that Walker was not talking about using missiles on mamacitas and their babies wading across the Rio Grande.  He was talking about taking on the smugglers working for the drug cartels.  Tom Clancy-style.   (The Cartels are a big problem. They have taken control of large swaths of Mexico.  They are instigating violence and mayhem on both sides of the border.  They’re reportedly forming deals with Muslim extremists. They are a huge national security problem right on our southern border.) 

I have no problem with that.  And, apparently, most of the district’s voters don’t either.  Walker is currently holding a double-digit lead over his Democrat opponent.