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Here they are: NCGA Republicans FOR employment protection for trannies and illegal aliens.

Here they are.  Let them know how you feel about this. (Click on the links for contact information): Chuck McGrady John Bradford (Thom Tillis’s replacement) Nelson Dollar Andy Dulin John Faircloth John Fraley (selected by Thom Tillis to primary Robert Brawley) Holly Grange (Wilmington area) Jon…

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HB2 opponents showing their naivety, confusion, ignorance about what they are actually fighting

One of the most appalling examples I’ve seen so far is ACC commissioner John Swofford.  The former UNC football player must have been hit in the head too many times — or maybe he took one too many of his alma mater’s notorious Af-Am classes….

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Reasons to say NO to the HB2 “compromise”

The drive-by media reporting on North Carolina’s HB2 “bathroom bill” has contained some of the most shameful lying I’ve heard in my nearly half-century on this planet.  Drive bys will regurgitate the hysteria of any gay activist or Democrat within thirty square yards of their immediate…

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Weekend at Rob’s II: Still Lyin’

Sequels usually don’t live up to the original.  This one is stinking things up even worse than the original.  The same guy who never got curious about the blonde with the camera following John Edwards, and totally MISSED Dennis Wicker stiffing a Domino’s Pizza delivery guy…

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#ncga: HB2 “compromise” protects employment for trannies, illegal aliens

While all of the crony capitalists in the various and sundry chambers of commerce around the state line up to kiss the feet of the NBA and ACC commissioners and repeal HB2, there are some important details that are not being reported to us about…

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HB2 sellout: BOHICA!

In the spirit of Thom Tillis, we’ve seen some “bi-partisanship” in the North Carolina House: New legislation filed by Republicans in the North Carolina House of Representatives seeks to make changes to House Bill 2, commonly referred to as the “bathroom bill.” The new bill,…

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#ncpol: Ol’ Roy and that pesky constitution

Leftists tend to be creative types.  That’s why they dominate and excel in the arts.  In the legal community, they tend to take great pride in pulling stuff out of their collective posteriors and calling it “constitutional.” That’s how you get a “right to abortion”…

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Suspicious Minds: House GOPers cast wary eyes upon Speaker Timmy

We’re caught in a trap I can’t walk out  […] We can’t go on together With suspicious minds (suspicious minds) And we can’t build our dreams On suspicious minds […] — E. Presley ___________   Things have been quite dramatic this week for the NC House…

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#ncga: McClatchy giggles over McCrory’s gay lefty stalkers, but one Mecklenburg senator is not laughing.

The drivebys at the failing Charlotte and Raleigh papers were all atwitter about an online video appearing to show hecklers /stalkers following Pat McCrory around DC this past week:  If a Facebook video was any indication, Pat McCrory did not receive a warm welcome during…

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Spellings: HB2 stemming the tide of liberal loons wanting to teach at UNC

Well, THERE is another upside to all of this hoopty-doo over boys in the ladies powder room. Of course, the driveby FAKE media is portraying Spellings’s comments as moaning about how the law is hurting higher education in North Carolina.   Spellings AND the useless UNC board…