HB2 sellout: BOHICA!

In the spirit of Thom Tillis, we’ve seen some “bi-partisanship” in the North Carolina House:

New legislation filed by Republicans in the North Carolina House of Representatives seeks to make changes to House Bill 2, commonly referred to as the “bathroom bill.”

The new bill, House Bill 186, includes both Republican and Democrat co-sponsors. 

It would fully repeal HB2 and update to state’s non-discrimination laws to match federal protections. 

State colleges and universities, along with some other organizations, would have the option to expand their non-discrimination policies beyond those spelled out in the bill. 

Republican representatives Chuck McGrady and Ted Davis Jr. are listed as sponsors of the bill, along with Democratic representatives Ken Goodman and Marvin W. Lucas.

McGrady, who sat down with WBTV after introducing the bill, said getting two Democrats to co-sponsor the bill was “critical.”

“This is the first bipartisan bill of this type. We’ve had bills introduced in the past and its all the Republicans or all the Democrats,” he said. “This is the first time we have a bill that Republicans and Democrats – at least some of us – can come together on.” […] 

Amazing.  We’re getting all bi-partisan and compromising on the concept that BOYS ARE BOYS and GIRLS ARE GIRLS.  

The bill looks to pre-empt access to multi-occupancy bathrooms, showers, and changing facilities. It allows cities to regulate single-occupancy bathrooms. Sponsors hope the bill if passed, would keep people from pointing to a law in North Carolina and say it is discriminatory regarding bathroom usage.[…]


[…] The legislation requires cities who want to pass their own, broader, non-discrimination laws to take extra steps before enacting such ordinances. There will be limitations on those ordinances, according to the proposed bill, including that ordinances cannot apply outside of the territorial jurisdiction, can’t use contracting power to impose ordinance provisions, can’t apply to bathroom access or religious organizations.

The proposal would allow cities to provide nondiscrimination for its own employees. It also seeks to add increased penalties for crimes committed in a bathroom “regardless of motivation.”[…] 

How can this be kosher without  a constitutional amendment? The state constitution says you have to get legislative approval in Raleigh before making local ordinance changes of this nature.  Of course, our wet-noodle of a governor is having NONE of this:

[…] About two hours after HB186 was filed, Democratic Governor Roy Cooper issued a statement with concerns about the bill.

“We must repeal House Bill 2 and I remain committed to getting that done. But I am concerned that this legislation as written fails the basic test of restoring our reputation, removing discrimination, and bringing jobs and sports back to North Carolina. I will keep working with the legislature.” […] 

It’s a shame that a guy who just gone done serving sixteen years as attorney general has such a gross disrespect for the state constitution.  (Well, he did so little work during that time he probably never had time to actually look at the document itself.)

If we get rid of the recognition of differences between men and women, what’s next?  Equality between animals and humans?  Abolishing the age of consent? (Can’t you see them arguing with a straight face that the age of consent is discriminatory against grownups who LOVE kids?)

Folks, there is no compromising here. (Our side — common sense — won at the ballot box in November.)  These people want to riot, intimidate and threaten their way toward changing the culture, turning the laws of nature upside down, and smashing the whole organize religion and family values thing.   Things like the constitution and the actual verbiage in the law are not going to get in their way.

Our side — common sense — has to stiffen its collective spine and stand tough in the face of this violent, destructive rabble. 

13 thoughts on “HB2 sellout: BOHICA!

  1. Well, I have written my legislators that I would not vote for them, and would actively oppose them as much as I could in the next election if they vote for ANY of these fake “compromise” bills. So far Brent Jackson wrote back basically saying he wanted a compromise….so I will be donating to a demorat the next time he is up for election. I did not get a response from Donna White yet, but I will do the same next cycle if she votes for any of these bills.

    We really need a new party to replace these GOP pansies if all we are going to get is demorat lite when they get up there. The same applies to Washington too.

      1. Sometimes it is better to purge your own despicable leaders for long term improvement. You do not make our party better by re electing or giving promotion to progressive republicans. If you do, you simply get the same garbage over and over that can’t follow the constitution and can’t repeal bullshit legislation. Just look at ObamaCare. Those pansies passed multiple repeals when it didn’t matter now look at them. Chicken $/@t.

      2. Larry PIttman and Michael Speciale are about the only two men in Raleigh that I truly respect, however I must disagree this time. Unless we hold those we elect accountable and fire them when they royally screw up, nothing will ever change. It is stupid to expect them to change. Did you children get rewarded for bad behavior? I seriously doubt it. In the short term it will be tough. In the long run, we might be able to restore the republic. That’s a big might, however. In the meantime, such thinking and actions by the GOP will ultimately lead them to extinction. That is the real reason so many people don’t bother to vote. They see that it is usually a colossal waste of time.

  2. Larry, much as I respect your own excellent conservative record and I know you will vote for principal on this issue, this is really a ”take no prisoners” issue. The Fifth Columnists who sell us out should be vigorously primaried, and if the primary does not work to get them out, then a conservative independent should be run against them in the general. I could never vote for or support a Democrat but a Barney Frank Republican who would support this garbage is no better than a Democrat, and also does not deserve a vote. If the choice is a Barney Frank Republican and a Democrat, then the answer is clearly ”none of the above”. We need to work to see that we have other choices.

    Chuck McGrady is a Solyndra Republican as well as a Barney Frank Republican. He is way too liberal for the GOP. He should be a top target for a GOP primary next time. His voting record is a target rich environment.

  3. HB186 has provisions for protecting transgendered illegal aliens as well: “It is the public policy of this State to protect and safeguard the right and opportunity of all individuals within the State to enjoy fully and equally the goods, services, facilities, privileges,
    advantages, and accommodations of places of public accommodations free of discrimination because of race, sex, national origin, citizenship, religion, age, veteran status, genetic information, pregnancy, handicap, or disability” http://ncleg.net/Sessions/2017/Bills/House/PDF/H186v0.pdf

    CITIZENSHIP….yes you read that right!

    1. ”All INDIVIDUALS (note, not just citizens) within the state to enjoy fully and equally the GOODS, services , , ,”

      Doesn;t that sound a lot like socialism? Who wrote this bill?

  4. NC is growing just fine without “sports”. Any Republican, Independent, or Democrat, supporting repeal should have a challenger next cycle. This is some real stupid stuff.

  5. Didn’t realize we had so many neutered people in Raleigh who claim to represent us. Sure continuous to blurr the line between “them” and “us.”

  6. Considering that there are 12 other states moving in NC’s direction with bathroom bills of their own, in spite of bullying from corporate and sports bullies, it is appalling that we have despicable surrender monkeys in the GOP caucus in the NC General Assembly wanting to wave a white flag of surrender to the Gaystapo. The Trump administration also just weighed in on the issue of bathroom and locker room privacy in favor of commom sense..


    Under this asinine General Assembly bill, our daughters or granddaughters could be stuck for months with boys in their school showers until something could be done about it with a referendum. Only low life perverts would support that.

    Any sellout Republicans who betray us to the Gaystapo need to be targeted for defeat in the next election. While it would be much better to knock them out in the primary, the key is to defeat them, period. These sicko politicians seem to agree with the Charlotte Observer editorial that said young schoolgirls would just have to get accustomed to seeing penises in their showers. That is nothing but perverted.

    Get the mixed up gender deniers some mental health help. Don’t conduct a war on the privacy of our women and girls to pander to their mental illness.

    As to sports, I was a big ACC fan for decades, but now I despise the ACC. I do not watch their games any more due to their far left politics and corporate bullying. I would support anyone playing against an ACC team, whoever it is. The ACC now sucks big time. I do not want politics with my sports, especially the extreme left politics now coming out of the ACC..

    1. As a native North Carolinian I grew up with ACC sports, and yes I too have been a fan for decades. Since they have played their corporate bullying card in support of extreme left policies I’ve jumped ship too. When I’m not totally uninterested, I’m sort of inclined to just pull against them. I’ve also turned off the spigot of financial support to my alma mater.

      If NC Republican legislators lose their nerve and try to compromise with that fool inhabiting the governor’s mansion and the corporate bullies blowing in the stupid horn section, it will be a gigantic mistake.


  8. Isn’t that sell out establishment puppet Grange a co-sponsor? Guess she is doing just as her puppet masters tell her. A win for them, a loss for NC.

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