NCGOP celebrates Tillis “No Mandate” tweet

Supposedly, the NCGOP is all about pushing the interests of the Republican Party.  Heck, the GOPe tells us all the time it’s about Republican victories and NOT conservatism.   Then, we see something like this on the NCGOP Twitter feed:

“Americans didn’t vote for a Republican mandate.”  And THIS got retweeted — in essence, celebrated — by the NC Republican Party leadership.  So, IF Tillis is correct, and the voters don’t give a hoot about the GOP and want cats and dogs and Republicans and Democrats living together and working together, what is the point of the party itself? Why even exist? 

I am sure this was the work of some college intern infatuated with the Senator from Time Warner.     Their hero made a speech.  Never mind the stupid content of said speech. 

Meanwhile, the state party’s Twitter feed continues to promote the 2016 early voting schedule AND Dallas Woodhouse’s burgeoning TV career on MSNBC and Fox News with his brother — who we last heard had an appearance in a video that looked to implicate him and his group in a scheme to pay thugs to beat up old people at Trump campaign rallies. 

9 thoughts on “NCGOP celebrates Tillis “No Mandate” tweet

  1. Tillis has a chance to accomplish what is in the GOP platform. If he doesn’t do that he needs to leave the party or get out of office. I didn’t vote for him last time in the primary. We had a conservative choice.

  2. As a NC Republican I want to remind everyone that Tom Tillis is a F rated Failure at Conservitive review unlike Mike Lee and Ted Cruz both A rated they are the type of senator NC needs…

    Burr is F rated also

    NC and America deserve better

  3. Tillis has sold us out and the stupid fools Hayes and his boss Woodhouse support that? Throw the rascals out!

  4. So Thom Tillis is turning out to be worse than i ever imaged!? No surprise that he led to us on the campaign trail. Every less-than-solid position we questioned him on in the General Election , he just lied about. He told us what we wanted to hear without saying anything or offending anyone.

  5. Well, time to roll this seat back to the demorat party. The next election cycle will probably be the first time I will have voted for a demorat ever.

  6. I thought I heard Thom say on the campaign trail that his number one priority would be full repeal of Obama Care? What went wrong, Thom?

  7. The NC GOP should stand for “No Count Get OuttaPolotics”. They have been off course for conservatives for years, and I voted only for the “R” candidate the past two Senatorial elections. Burr has proven himself to be a RINO of the first sort, and by darn if Tillis hasn’t out RINO’d him! It is time for the Republicans in NC to get rid of the main source for our problems, members of the Board of NCGOP.

  8. Tillis is an embarassment to the NCGOP, just as Lindsay Graham is an embarassment to the SCGOP. The party should not be celebrating Fifth Columnists nor glorifying their sellouts to the Democrats. It is appalling that the Woodhouse-run party apparatus is embracing Tillis’ sellout of our principles.

    This is exhibit A of why we need a fruitbasket turnover at NCGOP. We need leaders who stand for principal, not sell out to the highest bidder.

    As to ”results”, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. were also results oriented. Bad results are not something that is a positive. Tillis wants the results that the special interests want, like amnesty for illegal aliens at a time that a recent poll shows that the result that the voters (76% of Republicans and 55% of all voters) want is deportation of the illegal aliens. Tillis is a creature of the special interests, not a servant of the people.

  9. Of course, we at the NCGOPe are going to promote anyone with an R by their name. Who cares about principles. It just does not matter to us that all those conservative ratings show that Thom Tillis votes more with the liberals than the conservatives or that Thom now says he is more interested in working with Democrats than with Republicans. Tillis has an R by his name and that is all that matters to us.

    Just wait. Thom Tillis is going to be endorsing my boy Robin for the state convention, so that I can remain in control of the NCGOPe. So will Richard Burr, But it is particularly important to Thom Tillis. You see, Thom wants to run for governor next time and needs those of us who support him running the NCGOPe so we can block Dan Forest who is too tied to those lowlife grassroots. Forest also stands for principles and who cares for principles? We Tillis for Governor people need to keep control of the NCGOPe.

    Did you see what we did at the last convention to deep six those silly old principles? Our game of stall ball kept the platform and resolutions from reaching the floor at the convention. And you thought that game was ONLY to steal the National Committeewoman’s race with a sham election? It was deeper than that. Then, we never did what has been done before when the platform and resolutions were not reached. We never called a state executive committee meeting to adopt them. That was very deliberate because we at the NCGOPe care nothing at all about principles. Who needs a silly old platform and resolutions?

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