Reasons to say NO to the HB2 “compromise”

The drive-by media reporting on North Carolina’s HB2 “bathroom bill” has contained some of the most shameful lying I’ve heard in my nearly half-century on this planet.  Drive bys will regurgitate the hysteria of any gay activist or Democrat within thirty square yards of their immediate location.  But they won’t do us the service of actually reporting on the specific wording of HB2.  (It’s much more fun to paint this whole thing as the second coming of Jim Crow — rather than a courageous stand against the radical leftist hordes seeking to tear this place down brick by brick. *Hey, let’s remake the whole state into Durham, huh?*) 

We get all kinds of reporting about how “sick and tired” people are of HB2.  Naturally, people are tired of turning on the TV and seeing their state mercilessly and viciously (and dishonestly) trashed.  Naturally, people are tired of the constant drumbeat pounded into their heads by the drive bys even during ESPN broadcasts of ACC games. (They’re getting worn down by the bullying from the alleged peace-love-and-understanding crowd.) 

WHAT HB2 actually says.  I think it’s important to start off any discussion of this matter with something the drivebys won’t give you — the actual text of the legislation.   Here’s a previous post we did detailing the legislation section by section.  Read it, and you’ll see how much the drive by media has been playing you for fools.  It’s hardly the second coming of Jim Crow.  HB2 ensures uniformity of regulations and laws statewide governing business.  The same rules that apply in Murphy also apply in Manteo.  The left can’t get their agenda pushed through the legislature. So, they will bully people into surrendering to them via a vicious, slanderous, media disinformation and intimidation campaign. 

PUTTING PEOPLE IN CATEGORIES. Conservatives attack affirmative action and quotas because it puts people in categories.  Our side claims to be a big fan of MLK’s advice to judge people by “the content of their character, not the color of their skin.”  Yet, here we have  a “compromise” –  signed on to by a whole lot of Republicans – thatgives employment protection to all kinds of categories of people:  race, sex, national origin, citizenship, religion, age, veteran status, genetic information, pregnancy, handicap, or disability.  Yep, this bi-partisan horse patty is extending, for all intents and purposes, protection for people based on genetic information and citizenship.  So, if I don’t want to hire you because I suspect you are an illegal alien, I can be dragged up in front of the state Human Relations Commission.  *That’s discrimination based on citizenship.*   I can’t fire you for dishonesty — claiming on your employment application that you are a girl when you are really a boy — because that would mean discriminating based on genetic information.  As though gender is something optional you can sign up for.

This “compromise” plays right into the hands — the game — of the lefties by surrendering on the concept of categorizing people.   It also codifies — accepts — their arguments on gender fluidity and open borders.  

If you people cave on this, what WILL you stand firm on?  These people — if they get a surrender on this — will not stop.  They will continue to run over you, and cram their agenda down our throats, even though they LOST at the ballot box.