Reasons to say NO to the HB2 “compromise”

The drive-by media reporting on North Carolina’s HB2 “bathroom bill” has contained some of the most shameful lying I’ve heard in my nearly half-century on this planet.  Drive bys will regurgitate the hysteria of any gay activist or Democrat within thirty square yards of their immediate location.  But they won’t do us the service of actually reporting on the specific wording of HB2.  (It’s much more fun to paint this whole thing as the second coming of Jim Crow — rather than a courageous stand against the radical leftist hordes seeking to tear this place down brick by brick. *Hey, let’s remake the whole state into Durham, huh?*) 

We get all kinds of reporting about how “sick and tired” people are of HB2.  Naturally, people are tired of turning on the TV and seeing their state mercilessly and viciously (and dishonestly) trashed.  Naturally, people are tired of the constant drumbeat pounded into their heads by the drive bys even during ESPN broadcasts of ACC games. (They’re getting worn down by the bullying from the alleged peace-love-and-understanding crowd.) 

WHAT HB2 actually says.  I think it’s important to start off any discussion of this matter with something the drivebys won’t give you — the actual text of the legislation.   Here’s a previous post we did detailing the legislation section by section.  Read it, and you’ll see how much the drive by media has been playing you for fools.  It’s hardly the second coming of Jim Crow.  HB2 ensures uniformity of regulations and laws statewide governing business.  The same rules that apply in Murphy also apply in Manteo.  The left can’t get their agenda pushed through the legislature. So, they will bully people into surrendering to them via a vicious, slanderous, media disinformation and intimidation campaign. 

PUTTING PEOPLE IN CATEGORIES. Conservatives attack affirmative action and quotas because it puts people in categories.  Our side claims to be a big fan of MLK’s advice to judge people by “the content of their character, not the color of their skin.”  Yet, here we have  a “compromise” –  signed on to by a whole lot of Republicans – thatgives employment protection to all kinds of categories of people:  race, sex, national origin, citizenship, religion, age, veteran status, genetic information, pregnancy, handicap, or disability.  Yep, this bi-partisan horse patty is extending, for all intents and purposes, protection for people based on genetic information and citizenship.  So, if I don’t want to hire you because I suspect you are an illegal alien, I can be dragged up in front of the state Human Relations Commission.  *That’s discrimination based on citizenship.*   I can’t fire you for dishonesty — claiming on your employment application that you are a girl when you are really a boy — because that would mean discriminating based on genetic information.  As though gender is something optional you can sign up for.

This “compromise” plays right into the hands — the game — of the lefties by surrendering on the concept of categorizing people.   It also codifies — accepts — their arguments on gender fluidity and open borders.  

If you people cave on this, what WILL you stand firm on?  These people — if they get a surrender on this — will not stop.  They will continue to run over you, and cram their agenda down our throats, even though they LOST at the ballot box. 

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  1. Conservative and Christian voters should make it a priority to remove any legislator who supports this excrement sandwich, preferably in the primary. This stupid bill puts us worse off than where we started off. Conservatives should be recruiting primary challengers for the sponsors of this far left bill immediately. These surrender monkeys need to go!

      1. We can start by being delegates to our county conventions, then to the district and state conventions where we move to REMOVE the do-nothing leadership of the NCGOP

  2. Just say no to HB2 compromise bill. It’s all about the smoke and mirrors of government compromise but no real progress repeal HB2

  3. There are lots of reasons to say a loud NO to this fake ”compromise”

    1. The GOP has a mandate to protect the privacy and security of our women and girls, and this is a huge issue to many in the GOP base. GOP voters want a line in the sand drawn to stop the left’s War on Women’s Privacy. There is a very old saying in politics that ”you do not piss on your base”. This bill not only urinates on the GOP base but also defecates on them. The next election cycle will be a low turnout one generally, but if the GOP wants to see its own base stay home, this bill is an effective way to do that..

    2. There are common sense compromises that are not just plain surrender like this bill. One such compromise would be to allow local governments to mandate additional single use bathrooms which could be made available for use by anyone uncomfortable with using regular facilities denominated by sex. There is nothing wrong with looking out for those who are mixed up about their gender as long as it does not impose on the privacy and security of everyone else. Perhaps such a mandate could be restricted to entities over a certain size so as not to put a financial burden on small business.

    3. There is no test that can distinguish a mixed up ”transgender” from a voyeur / peeping tom. The latter will jump on any opportunity that is given to the former. The main leader of the campaign for the Charlotte ordinance was a convicted child molester, which speaks volumes about some of those pushing this issue.

    4. This bill establishes new protected classes and plays to Democrat identity politics. Republicans should not start down that slippery slope. Some of those protected classes are based on behaviors and that is another slippery slope.

    5. Once a state allows itself to be bullied by corporate bullies, the bullying will never stop. The only way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them. Texas governor Greg Abbott did just that when the NFL threatened to pull the Superbowl out of Texas over the bathroom bill that is making its way through the Texas legislature.

    6. This issue has involved the worst examples of fake news from the state’s media that I can ever remember. If we let our partisan Democrat media get away with that, it will just encourage more of it.

    7. Other states, at least 12 of them, are following North Carolina’s lead on protecting the privacy and safety of women and girls with similar bathroom bills. This is no time to go wobbly. It will make NC look like a laughingstock.

    8. The Trump administration just tossed out the ”transgender” bathroom / shower room directive of the Obama adminstration. Doesn’t NC have as much backbone as our national administration? Maybe we need to cancel our nickname of ”Tar Heel State” earned because we stuck so strong in a fight, if we go wobbly on this.

    9. This bill creates conflicts with some of our criminal laws such as those on indecent exposure and peeping toms.

    10. This bill creates a window during which these policies could be imposed and be in effect for months before a referendum could be held to stop them, jeopardizing the privacy and safety of women and little girls during that period. Do citizens really want grown men in the same bathrooms and shower rooms with their young daughters and granddaughters while repeal of these ordinances by referendum is pending?

    I could go on. There are lots of reasons to just say NO to this fake compromise.

    1. ” There is a very old saying in politics that ”you do not piss on your base”

      Guess Moore and Berger still haven’t figured out why McCrory is gone.

      1. McCrory is gone because he tried to stop this HB2 bill. It is wrong and should be thrown out, It amazies me that you can’t even go to the dam bathroom in private. This is what the leftiest are pushing they are crazy people. The Democrats will not give p until they totally destroy any morality we have left in this country. In God we Trust is what built America, but it is being destroyed. NC is my state an I love it and the people but enough is enough!!!!

  4. It’s not difficult to distinguish between those that are on the Trump train and those that never boarded it.

    Browny Douglas

  5. This article and everyone’s post does not waiver and the legislators should not waiver! Let’s make our writing be heard. Everyone can easily make 2 phone calls this week to our Representatives ( mine is Rep. Dollar & Sen Chad Barefoot) and advise NO to “any” HB2 COMPROMISE. Media, what media? We are the only media to listen to right now. Nothing twisted or misinterpreted. Monday will be an ALL day of ACTION, I will see you in the buildings off 16Jones Street sharing your comments in person. Five people can hit all Floors and legislators in less than 90 min. Conservative Activists did it for Voter Integrity a couple weeks ago! We have all week! Let’s hammer the phones and their offices and let them know we have their backs!

    1. The public should have the right two vote on these major changes in our state. I dare say that there are not more transgender in this state than the other in our state. Why wasn’t it added to the voting page for the public to vote on it? WE do not have a voice only the one in legislation an they are corrupt.How is a society to win when so much corruption is involved? Our rights are taken away more everyday. I believe in God and believe me God had nothing to do with this!!!

  6. No repeal. Not now. Not ever! The Supreme Court will be weighing in.on this issue soon enough and with a full complement of 9 Jurists.
    There is no need for us to give in to blackmail.
    It blows my mind to.think this is even being considered at this juncture.

  7. “We, the People” must demand a “Liberty Preservation Act” that includes the following:
    A vital distinction must be made between Discrimination and Liberty. Discrimination is NOT a Constitutional principle; Liberty IS. (Discrimination is not a word in the Constitution.). Ergo, laws must be framed around Liberty, not Discrimination. Remember that Liberty is our Creator-endowed, unalienable (not government-given) right. Government cannot deny Liberty; it must protect “Liberty and justice for all.” There is no Constitutional right for anyone to be protected from discrimination. Conversely, Liberty is our right as individuals (persons and entities such as a restaurant) TO discriminate – to make our own decisions whether others agree or not. (If this is not so, then what real meaning does Liberty have?)
    A vital distinction must also be made between Individual Discrimination and Societal Discrimination. Societal Discrimination is the ONLY instance that government has authority to address, because ONLY Societal Discrimination denies Liberty. Example: Before the 1964 Civil Rights Law, Societal (not merely Individual) Discrimination via segregation laws was the reality for Black People. Constitutionally speaking the Law rightfully gave Black People the Individual Liberty they had been denied to choose what water fountain, restroom, restaurant, etc., they could use. Therefore a “Liberty Preservation Act” must require demonstrable evidence of Societal Discrimination before any new “non-discrimination” law can be enacted. Any currently protected non-discrimination categories that cannot demonstrate Societal Discrimination should be repealed.

  8. Explain to me how the Supreme Court ruled the US Constitution protects a woman’s privacy to the degree she can kill her baby but that privacy is not protected in a bathroom?

  9. Every person who has children should call there State
    Senator and Representative and demand that they not
    Repeal HB2. The safety of our children and women is
    far greater than a concert, a regional college tournament
    or a NBA event. We not just talking about bathrooms, we talking locker rooms and showers were your daughters go to school. Of course the Democrats and
    Liberals who are in favor of repealing HB2, there kids
    are not in public schools, they are in private schools. Our Representatives should not repeal HB2 but let it stand and for one time not fold on this issue, if they do we Conservatives will vote you out in your next election.

    1. These hypocritical sports leagues do not send their cheerleaders in to shower with the players. Their massive arrogance in demanding that other females shower with males is just appalling. I used to be a sports fan, must NOT since those dudes went Marxist on us over bathrooms and locker roomes. Now, I change the station if this stuff comes on.

  10. What is wrong with our country. The liberal democrats must be crazy to want their daughters, wives, sisters, going in rest rooms, showers, with men that say they are women. What kind of governor would want to change 99% of the people that don’t want men in rest rooms for a few people that are having a problem deciding what they physically are. People need Jesus in their lives in North Carolina.

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