HB2 opponents showing their naivety, confusion, ignorance about what they are actually fighting

One of the most appalling examples I’ve seen so far is ACC commissioner John Swofford.  The former UNC football player must have been hit in the head too many times — or maybe he took one too many of his alma mater’s notorious Af-Am classes.  Here’s his statement on the so-called HB2 “bi-partisan” compromise making its way through the General Assembly:

[…] “It’s encouraging that a bipartisan effort has been initiated in the North Carolina General Assembly regarding HB2,” Swofford said in a statement Saturday. “If legislation is passed that resets the law as it was prior to HB2, it will present the opportunity to reopen the discussion with the ACC Council of Presidents regarding neutral site conference championships being in the state of North Carolina.[…] 

Reset the law as it was prior to HB2? Has this man read the legislation itself?  Prior to the passage of HB2, it was illegal to mix genders in public bathrooms and locker rooms.  (You could knock yourself out, do what you wanted, in a private environment.) 

Charlotte came along attempting to bully anyone in their jurisdiction who dared to continue maintaining gender designations on their locker rooms or restrooms.  (Refuse their demands, and they will bankrupt you and ruin you.)

Section 24, Article II of the state constitution gives the General Assembly authority to act on any local matters except those dealing with the following subjects:

(a) Relating to health, sanitation, and the abatement of nuisances;
(b) Changing the names of cities, towns, and townships;
(c) Authorizing the laying out, opening, altering, maintaining, or discontinuing of highways, streets, or alleys;
(d) Relating to ferries or bridges;
(e) Relating to non-navigable streams;
(f) Relating to cemeteries;
(g) Relating to the pay of jurors;
(h) Erecting new townships, or changing township lines, or establishing or changing the lines of school districts;
(i) Remitting fines, penalties, and forfeitures, or refunding moneys legally paid into the public treasury;
(j) Regulating labor, trade, mining, or manufacturing;
(k) Extending the time for the levy or collection of taxes or otherwise relieving any collector of taxes from the due performance of his official duties or his sureties from liability;   
(l) Giving effect to informal wills and deeds;
(m) Granting a divorce or securing alimony in any individual case;
(n) Altering the name of any person, or legitimating any person not born in lawful wedlock, or restoring to the rights of citizenship any person convicted of a felony.

(Statewide matters are a different story.)  NONE OF THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH GENDER DESIGNATIONS ON BATHROOMS AND RESTROOMS.   Charlotte did not attempt to go through proper channels and file a local bill in the General Assembly.  The General Assembly acted — as the constitution allows them to do — on behalf of concerned local entities who did appreciate the bullying by the city council.

With their intimidation efforts thwarted, the lefties commenced their $h!t-fit we find ourselves still swamped in.

Charlotte was in violation of the state constitution.  Our lawyer — the then-attorney general — was too busy running for governor to do his job and protect our governing documents.

Rush Limbaugh often likes to laugh about how certain phrases and terms — like gravitas — make their way through the driveby media.  I think it’s interesting how terminology introduced by Pat McCrory and Thom Tillis — “If the far left and the far right don’t like it, it can’t be so bad.”  — is making the rounds of Raleigh NCGOPe types in discussing the so-called HB2 “compromise.”  (Note:  If you have to put the word “far” in front of the word “right,” you ARE NOT and NEVER HAVE BEEN a conservative.) 

Here’s one Raleigh NCGOPe hanger-on, a “consultant” or lobbyist, I think:

THiS GUY is stupid.  Just stupid.  (Responding to him makes me feel like I’m roughing up one of those special needs kids.) 

This bill accepts the concept of protecting manufactured categories of people — just like liberals have advocated for decades.  This “compromise” bill forbids discrimination based on “citizenship” or “genetic information.”  So, refusing to hire someone because they might be an illegal alien, or firing someone for dishonesty when they claim to be a girl but are actually a boy, can get you dragged in front of the Human Relations Commission in leg irons. 

Republicans should  have abolished the Human Relations Commission decades ago. Yet, here they are trying to strengthen it.  (How in the hell do you legislate the concept of people getting along?)

So Brent the consultant /lobbyist / Miami Vice body double is poo-pooing the idea of fighting the left?  Okay, so why bother having political parties?  These guys — at election time — like to pitch yarns about how they are going to fight for us against the godless leftist trolls.  Then, they get returned to Raleigh and lecture us about how we need to shut up so they can work with those same godless leftist trolls to “get something done.”  (Hitler and Stalin “got stuff done.”) 

This so-called “compromise” actually gives the left wins – things they DIDN’T have even prior to HB2.  This so-called “compromise” strengthens the government leviathan and its grip on our every day lives. It is the opposite of everything we voted for when we put Republicans in charge of Raleigh.

Speaking of dumb tweets from Raleigh GOPe groupies, here’s another one:

Amazing.  Two guys who run around Raleigh prostrating before Pat McCrory, Robin Hayes and Thom Tillis coming up with THE SAME SPIN at virtually the same time.    (Somewhere, Pat McCrory is sitting alone in a dark room — littered with ‘Help Wanted’ classified pages — giggling with pleasure over this accomplishment.) 

My point here?  The hubbub over HB2 is really a bunch of uninformed nonsense being batted around by know-nothings in both parties.  We aren’t being represented, folks.  It’s time to get in their faces, twist their arms, and remind them WHO the bosses really are.