Here they are: NCGA Republicans FOR employment protection for trannies and illegal aliens.

Here they are.  Let them know how you feel about this. (Click on the links for contact information):

7 thoughts on “Here they are: NCGA Republicans FOR employment protection for trannies and illegal aliens.

  1. If I had to pick a Representative that surprise me to be on this list it would be John Faircloth. As for the rest they just carrying water for Speaker Moore.

  2. its important to point out two of them attempting to sell out now are from Mecklenburg county . The county that started this whole thing so we had to have HB2 to start with

    — Andy Dulin
    —John Bradford

    everyone listed needs to determine what side they are going to fight the Left or the Right and here is a good starting place for some clarity without the normal politics to add to the confusion

  3. Some of these guys are in districts where a conservative primary opponent could wipe the floor with them over this issue. It is time to start recruiting for conservatives to run in these districts. Many of them are vulnerable on other issues as well, from gun control (Fraley) to food deserts (Murphy) to corporate welfare to the solar bandits (several of them) to big spending (Dollar).

    I hope the Christian Action League will help with primary recruitment.

  4. Wow! Every one of the progressive Republicans who sponsored this bill who served in the last legislative session also supported President Obama’s green energy agenda (now his green energy legacy). One of the new ones, Holly Grange, recently went on a trip to support wind energy, so she counts as a supporter, too.. Maybe it is not surprising that these same progressive Republicans are now also supporting President Obama’s transgender rights legacy, as well.

    President Obama;s legacy is secure as long as progressive Republicans .like these in this article stay in office. These progressive Republicans are willing to support President Obama’s legacy even when it goes against their own party’s platform and their own Republican President, and their own voters..

  5. Lets talk some real world politics here. The next election, 2018, will have no national or statewide races and most Congressional races will not be closely fought (Walter Jones’ expected retirement would make the 3rd CD an exception). This is the type of election cycle with low voter turnout, which means that informed and issue-motivated voters will be a much bigger part of the electorate. Do establishment Republicans really want to face a primary of largely informed and issue-motivated voters right after caving in to the liberals on a highly publicized issue of outsized importance like protecting the privacy of women and girls? Issue-oriented voters are simply not going to swallow this as a ”compromise”.

    This is the very sort of issue that will pull conservative issue-oriented voters out in primaries to ”drain the swamp”, but keep them home in the general election if the establishment prevails in a primary. I do not think these folks have thought through the political consequences of their positions. They need to do so.

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