Weekend at Rob’s II: Still Lyin’

Sequels usually don’t live up to the original.  This one is stinking things up even worse than the original.  The same guy who never got curious about the blonde with the camera following John Edwards, and totally MISSED Dennis Wicker stiffing a Domino’s Pizza delivery guy at a Democrat function in Lumberton, is still hanging on — still missing the big news.    (Around here, we’re still not convinced he’s still alive.  He had to be pushing 90 when I used to see him during my driveby media days.  He did disappear for a while.  We think Marusak and Campbell are propping up his rotting corpse Weekend-At-Bernie’s style and ghost-writing his rotten-as-ever columns.) 

Allegedly-alive “Rob’s” latest column is some tired old crap — as usual, not backed up by ANY FACTS — on how HB2 is “killing” North Carolina:

[…] In 2015, then-Gov. Pat McCrory with much fanfare launched a new branding effort for North Carolina with a new state advertising logo and the slogan, “Nothing Compares.”

Not long after the McCrory administration rolled out its new brand, the legislature passed HB2, bringing down an avalanche of bad publicity on the state as it waded deep into the weeds of transgender politics.

Well, we got a new brand alright.

Consider Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s State of the Commonwealth address the other day, where his message to the legislature was: Whatever you do, don’t mess up like North Carolina.

“As we begin our work together this session,” McAullife said, “our neighbor North Carolina remains mired in a divisive and counterproductive battle over laws its legislature passed that target the rights of LGBT citizens. As we have seen in that state and others, attacks on equality and women’s health care rights don’t just embarrass the states that engage in them – they kill jobs.” […] 

McAuliffe is a scandal-ridden former DNC chairman, proven liar, according to Rush — a “punk”, and buddy of Hillary, who somehow got elected governor of Virginia.  The guy has NO credibility.  (Virginia is also a competitor in economic development with North Carolina, so what do you expect him to say about his neighbor to the South?) 

[…] In most of these Southern states it was the political clout of the business community and the sports world – the political mainstream – that defeated efforts of conservative evangelicals, talk radio/social media and others aligned with the political right who have used scare tactics to paint false pictures of hulking men invading women’s bathrooms and lockers.

The rebranding process that came up with the “Nothing Compares” slogan – as well as logos and more – took much of a year. The effort was funded by $1.5 million appropriated by the legislature for McCrory’s Commerce Department with the help of the Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC-Chapel Hill.

I would venture to guess that few people are familiar with the “Nothing Compares” slogan. But nearly everyone has heard of HB2.[…] 

I would say that has a lot to do with the fact that the filthy liars in The N&O newsroom, and all other driveby newsrooms, ONLY want to talk about THAT.  (You people even manage to slip it into sports coverage.)   None of you have had the integrity to actually explain to the public what the legislation actually says.  None of you have been honest to admit that the legislation basically instructs localities to follow the state constitution.  (Who else was going to do it?  The worthless AG who was in the waning days of his four year campaign for governor?) 

[…] If the legislature had acted as a deliberative body, it might have avoided the political pitfalls that wiser heads in Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee managed to sidestep.

It might have learned that 200 cities and communities across the country already had laws similar to what Charlotte was proposing without ill effects. It might have foreseen the pushback – from the NBA, NCAA, and the ACC shunning the state for future events, businesses deciding not to move here, conventions and meetings boycotting the state and entertainers refusing to perform here.

North Carolina is losing incalculable millions of dollars in commerce as a result of the political actions of the legislature, whose entire policy agenda is supposed be tailored to making the state more business-friendly through lowering taxes and reducing regulations.[…]

There is absolutely no evidence supporting the claim that North Carolina has lost millions of dollars in commerce.  (Even Laura Leslie, Queen of the Lesbians, admits this.)    Much of the highly-publicized reaction from sports teams and corporations has been a reaction to a carefully-coordinated intimidation and smear campaign orchestrated by the gay mafia and its driveby comrades.  (Who wants hundreds of screaming, cursing drag queens tossing condoms around the lobby of their corporate HQ?)

Conservatives don’t riot.  They don’t scream and boycott.  They’re way too nice.  That’s why it’s so much easier to disrespect them. 

The NBA All-Star game got moved to New Orleans — which has THE SAME restrictions as North Carolina.  The game took a financial hit there. (Maybe it wasn’t the prize that allegedly-alive “Rob” and his pack of driveby liars made it out to be.) 

This whole uproar is a carefully orchestrated hit job by the radical left — still angry about the fact we smooched Obama in 2008, but ditched him in 2012 and Hillary in 2016.  They don’t like to be jilted, and are going to make us pay dearly.