Suspicious Minds: House GOPers cast wary eyes upon Speaker Timmy

We’re caught in a trap
I can’t walk out  […]
We can’t go on together
With suspicious minds (suspicious minds)
And we can’t build our dreams
On suspicious minds […]
— E. Presley



Things have been quite dramatic this week for the NC House Republican Caucus.  Or so the moles tell me. 

I hear the discussions between rank-and-file House GOPers and House leadership have been quite hot-and-heavy about — surprise! — HB2.  Rumor has had it around Jones Street that Speaker Timmy and his clique have been working behind the scenes  on an HB2 sellout.  

I am told that Speaker Timmy had to go as far as addressing the rumors personally with his caucus Wednesday.  (He denied it all, of course.) 

You take THAT and compare it to Dallas Woodhouse and his grandpa going in front of the driveby media this week about the very same subject: 

[…] N.C. Republican Party leaders said Tuesday that Gov. Roy Cooper should stop pushing for a full repeal of House Bill 2 and instead propose a compromise that GOP legislators can live with.

NC GOP chairman Robin Hayes and executive director Dallas Woodhouse held a news conference following Monday’s news that the NCAA might block sports championships from being held in North Carolina through 2022.

“A simple repeal does not have a possibility of passing this legislature,” Woodhouse said. “It seems to us that it is up to Gov. Cooper … to put forward something that can pass. If not, he’s just pounding his fist, and he’s helping determine North Carolina’s fate when it comes to the NCAA, the ACC and other issues. […] 

The Charlotte ordinance was a clear cut violation of the state constitution.  All local acts like that need to first be run through the state legislature for approval.  The Charlotte gender-bender ordinance was not.  We had an attorney general at the time who refused to do his job and prosecute violations of the state constitution.  The people of the state had no protection against leftists using our constitution as toilet paper.  That useless do-nothing attorney general got himself promoted to governor.  We have another useless waste of carbon sitting in the AG’s office continuing to coddle willful dismissal and ignorance of the constitution.

HB2 protects the rest of us against the agenda-driven leftists who own our state Department of Justice and their donors and voter base.  It merely says that — if you want to change an ordinance at the local level — you need to follow the state constitution and first run it through the legislature.  It does not — as our filthy scumbag lying driveby media would have you believe — perpetrate discrimination against other people.

It keeps things as they are.  And it says, if you want to make change, you have to work through the democratic process and win votes.  It’s clear some folks know they can’t do it in this case and are proceeding with a guerrilla campaign of threats, fear and intimidation.  THAT is the so-called peace and love crowd we conservatives are told so often we need to emulate more.  

WHY in the hell is the NCGOP seeking compromise on an issue of constitutional integrity, natural law, and common decency?  We have the votes.  We have the hearts and minds of a clear majority of North Carolinians who reject the gender-bending hardcore porn lifestyles of Josh Stein and Roy Cooper’s voter base.  

We control the agenda.  It’s time to move on.

If the NCGOP and legislative leaders had any core beliefs or principles beyond appeasing and shaking-down big donors, the debate could easily be refocused away from this and onto many other things that could help North Carolina grow and prosper.  

17 thoughts on “Suspicious Minds: House GOPers cast wary eyes upon Speaker Timmy

  1. Well, I have written my legislators both times this has come up to let them know that myself and most in their district oppose any compromise on this issue. I will not be voting for either of them if they vote for a compromise bill and I will probably actually vote demorat in the next election if they do. I may even be so angry that I will donate to a demorat opponent…which if Timmay even puts it through I may donate to his opponent on principle.

  2. Why don’t the legislative leaders simply instruct their appointees on the UNC Board of Governors to direct the NC State and UNC-CH chancellors to put a stop to this NCAA nonsense. The NCAA could not do this without the approval of these two chancellors. Either the chancellors put a stop to this chicanery, or resign! The BOG needs to take charge here. We badly need some adult supervision.

  3. Please allow me to clarify the NCGOP position.
    We take no position on IF a change is needed. We support the policy direction of the General Assembly.

    However if people believe that a change or solution is needed, then we believe it is up to Roy Cooper to find it, propose it and get it to pass.

    He ran on being able to do that. He should be held responsible for it.

    We apologize for any confusion but we are not urging the General Assembly to take any particular course of action.

    We do want folks to know that Cooper already killed bi-partisan efforts to reexamine this issue.

    He owns this now

  4. This went out to press. I thought you might like to see it.


    NCGOP Response to Democratic HB2 Plan

    RALEIGH, NC— Yesterday Democrats filed a bill in both the House and Senate to repeal HB2. NCGOP also responded to the new Democratic bill with the statement below.

    “In December a bipartisan compromise that would have repealed HB2, in addition to providing privacy and security to women and children in public bathrooms and shower facilities,

    was well on its way to passing when the deal was killed by Roy Cooper. North Carolina’s bathroom bill was a necessary response to the unconstitutional overreach by the City of Charlotte,

    and Governor Cooper ran his campaign on his ability to provide the insight and leadership to alter the law in a way that would satisfy all of our citizens. It is now solely up to Governor Cooper to create a solution that Democrats and Republicans can both respect and pass. So far, he is failing at the leadership test he brought on himself.” – NCGOP

    1. Like most ”bi-partisan compromises” that was a stinking sell out and a surrender, Woodhouse. And what the heck is a hired gun ED doing trying to set Republican policy?

      1. Doesn’t much matter whether it’s he or Ripon Robin who has the starring role in NCGOP failure theater. All thanks to the District Chairs who saddled us with these losers.

    2. The above is one of the many examples of why we must have an almost entire replacement of the Republican District Chairmen. God Almighty, enough!

  5. When ten other states on following out lead to enact bathroom and shower room privacy legislation to protect the privacy and modesty of women and girls, only gutless cowards would wave a spineless white flag to the far left and the Gaystapo. The GOP is better than that, or so I hope. Others are about to join us on this common sense path. It is no time to cave in. Tell the stinking NCAA and ACC to get their stinking noses out of politics.

    1. Well john, the GOP is known to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I would not put it past a good number of the representatives to buy in on all the hype that the paid protesters and fake news outlets put to the “unrest” that does not really exist with the typical NC citizen. Those making the most noise are likely to get their way in this day and time.

  6. Memo to Dallas: Why won’t the GOP appointees to the UNC Board of Governors take action against the outlaw NCAA–and the NC State and UNC chancellors? That would solve this problem.

  7. The “compromise” in December was not “well on its way to passing.” It faced stiff opposition in the House GOP from the start. It might have passed, but would have depended on a majority democrat vote, until we realized that Charlotte was trying to hoodwink us on the deal. Then even GOP members who favored repeal refused to go forward with it under those conditions. Nothing further needs to be done about HB 2 but to enforce it.

  8. The NCGOP needs to stop being on defense.

    Every time HB2 comes up, they should simply say,”Talk to Charlotte, they are the ones who overstepped their constitutional authority and created this mess…next question”.

    Repeat that over and over and over and refuse to take any questions about it.

    Put the blame and the pressure where it belongs.

    1. Our people also need to be constantly reciting the Charlotte Observer editorial that clarifies what this is really about – the one where they said that young schoolgirls would just have to get accustomed to seeing penises in their showers. That should be constantly thrown in the left’s face, and it is political malpractice that it is not being done. We need some real leadership at NCGOP, not a doddering old fool as a figurehead chairman, and an incompetent ego maniac Executive Director who seems to think he is the chairman instead of the ED.

  9. I really like what Terry had to say about this issue—why don’t the Republicans on the UNC Board of Governors put a stop to this NCAA nonsense. They can certainly order the NC State and UNC liberal chancellors to overturn the NCAA ban. Why won[t they? Why won’t the GOP legislature that appointed them ask them to do it? The GOP legislative leadership is not making any sense on this issue even though I agree with them on HB2. The NCAA cannot function without UNC and NC State. The GOP controls the Board of Governors, so why is this nonsense still going on?

  10. Likely action will be no action in the GA but acceptance by the Supreme Court. Then the you know what hits the fans, when all over NC ordinances pop up. Now that would be criminal but a clear analysis. Did anyone listen to Rush today on Kennedy.. ?

    1. My guess… they dont want to look vengeful… think it looks bad…. but I think a resolution supportingthe NCAA transgender participation regs for schools would embarrass the hell out of the NCAA. I heard my rep get asked about that. However I dont think that would help the state republicans politically

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