Suspicious Minds: House GOPers cast wary eyes upon Speaker Timmy

We’re caught in a trap
I can’t walk out  […]
We can’t go on together
With suspicious minds (suspicious minds)
And we can’t build our dreams
On suspicious minds […]
— E. Presley



Things have been quite dramatic this week for the NC House Republican Caucus.  Or so the moles tell me. 

I hear the discussions between rank-and-file House GOPers and House leadership have been quite hot-and-heavy about — surprise! — HB2.  Rumor has had it around Jones Street that Speaker Timmy and his clique have been working behind the scenes  on an HB2 sellout.  

I am told that Speaker Timmy had to go as far as addressing the rumors personally with his caucus Wednesday.  (He denied it all, of course.) 

You take THAT and compare it to Dallas Woodhouse and his grandpa going in front of the driveby media this week about the very same subject: 

[…] N.C. Republican Party leaders said Tuesday that Gov. Roy Cooper should stop pushing for a full repeal of House Bill 2 and instead propose a compromise that GOP legislators can live with.

NC GOP chairman Robin Hayes and executive director Dallas Woodhouse held a news conference following Monday’s news that the NCAA might block sports championships from being held in North Carolina through 2022.

“A simple repeal does not have a possibility of passing this legislature,” Woodhouse said. “It seems to us that it is up to Gov. Cooper … to put forward something that can pass. If not, he’s just pounding his fist, and he’s helping determine North Carolina’s fate when it comes to the NCAA, the ACC and other issues. […] 

The Charlotte ordinance was a clear cut violation of the state constitution.  All local acts like that need to first be run through the state legislature for approval.  The Charlotte gender-bender ordinance was not.  We had an attorney general at the time who refused to do his job and prosecute violations of the state constitution.  The people of the state had no protection against leftists using our constitution as toilet paper.  That useless do-nothing attorney general got himself promoted to governor.  We have another useless waste of carbon sitting in the AG’s office continuing to coddle willful dismissal and ignorance of the constitution.

HB2 protects the rest of us against the agenda-driven leftists who own our state Department of Justice and their donors and voter base.  It merely says that — if you want to change an ordinance at the local level — you need to follow the state constitution and first run it through the legislature.  It does not — as our filthy scumbag lying driveby media would have you believe — perpetrate discrimination against other people.

It keeps things as they are.  And it says, if you want to make change, you have to work through the democratic process and win votes.  It’s clear some folks know they can’t do it in this case and are proceeding with a guerrilla campaign of threats, fear and intimidation.  THAT is the so-called peace and love crowd we conservatives are told so often we need to emulate more.  

WHY in the hell is the NCGOP seeking compromise on an issue of constitutional integrity, natural law, and common decency?  We have the votes.  We have the hearts and minds of a clear majority of North Carolinians who reject the gender-bending hardcore porn lifestyles of Josh Stein and Roy Cooper’s voter base.  

We control the agenda.  It’s time to move on.

If the NCGOP and legislative leaders had any core beliefs or principles beyond appeasing and shaking-down big donors, the debate could easily be refocused away from this and onto many other things that could help North Carolina grow and prosper.