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More fracking nonsense

    Two North Carolina state House Republicans are throwing in with the fact-less, scare-tactic left on fracking.  The N&O dutifully reports on opposition research dug up by its masters at NC Democrat Party HQ. BarryO’s EPA says it sees no safety concerns with fracking….

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Something for the environmentalists to chew on

  Data just released from the State of North Dakota shows that unemployment in the region of that state where the fracking is occurring has fallen to 0.8 percent.  By contrast, North Carolina is sitting at TEN PERCENT. My cousin and some friends of his…

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Frackin’ & Marryin’ : Media’s omissions help push leftist agenda

You could call it sloppy, lazy reporting. You could call it conveniently leaving out inconvenient facts in order to spin a story the way you want it to go.  But a lot of North Carolina media — especially locally — seem to be giving us…

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Surprise! Bev actually DOES give a ‘frack’

Remember that speech where our esteemed governess — ahem — “joked” about suspending congressional elections so the honorables could do “the right thing” without having to worry about political repercussions? Well, now that Bev is not running for reelection — and doesn’t have to carry…

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Study: No connection between fracking and groundwater pollution

        North Carolina is looking at a potentially enormous economic boom with fracking.  North Dakota is already booming. The energy industry believes that The Tar Heel State has great untapped energy resources and wants to start fracking to get them out of…

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A breath of fresh air (and some cold hard facts) amid the fracking hysteria

        Blogger Steve Maley is quite an authority on the oil and gas business.  He makes his living searching for viable sources of oil and gas.  Maley also does a good job of combating the radical environmentalists and their mainstream media allies…

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Incomes on rise in energy mining areas, falling in manufacturing regions

According to data published this week in The Wall Street Journal, regions of the U.S. where energy mining is on the rise are seeing an economic boom, while industrial and manufacturing areas are experiencing a bust. (Yet one more piece of evidence to throw in the…

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GOP legislators seek business POV; Dems & Media cry FOUL

Boy, it really turns my world upside down to see something published by The N&O staff complaining about not including both sides of a story. Until recently, I thought “fracking” was only an epithet used by characters on Battlestar Galactica.  (Sorry, my geek is showing.) …

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Environmentalists: Just say NO, NO, No, No, and NO

Environmentalists LOVE the word NO.  They like to tell us NO, you can’t build that house or that office building or that church or that shopping center.  They like to tell us NO you can’t use those aerosol cans or drive that car.  They also…