More fracking nonsense



Two North Carolina state House Republicans are throwing in with the fact-less, scare-tactic left on fracking.  The N&O dutifully reports on opposition research dug up by its masters at NC Democrat Party HQ.

BarryO’s EPA says it sees no safety concerns with fracking.  Bev’s DENR concurs.  There are TONS of university studies showing there is next to nothing to worry about when it comes to fracking.

Yet, THAT is not stopping leftist activists — with some documentary called ‘Gasland’ as their sole piece of evidence — from screaming holy hell and scaring the bejeezus out of mainstream America.  Folks — movie people do a good job of faking stuff ALL the time.  (Have y’all seen those Star Wars movies?) 

If fracking opponents can come up with SOMEBODY who has SOME scientific credibility to point out safety concerns about fracking, I’d seriously consider their arguments.   But they haven’t, and likely won’t.

The N&O tells us about Pat McCrory’s law firm lobbying on behalf of fracking interests.  The reporter dutifully quotes a state Democrat Party spokesman — expressing an appropriate amount of “outrage”.    (WHEN ARE WE GOING TO SEE STORIES ABOUT WALTER DALTON’S DAUGHTER’S LOBBYING CLIENTS AND DADDY’S WORK IN THE SENATE THAT BENEFITED SAID CLIENTS?    I am NOT going to hold my breath.  )

Thanks to fracking — there is an economic boom going on in North Dakota AND Pennsylvania.  Environmental authorities can find NO evidence to support the hysterical ranting from the anti-frackers.  North Carolina is dealing with record unemployment and a mess of an economy.  Gas prices are outrageously high.  Young men and women from North Carolina are LEAVING North Carolina for fracking-related employment opportunities in North Dakota and Pennsylvania.   All the evidence out there says fracking would be a good, positive thing for our state.