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NC-09: congressional candidate forum in Fayetteville on Monday

  Okay,  this is short notice.  But here we go:     Here’s the website (along with directions) for the venue.  If you can go — GO.  Make sure your vote is an informed one.

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Fayetteville mayor candidate & his family biz facing state complaint,charges

Mitch Colvin came out on top in Tuesday’s mayoral vote in Fayetteville, but things may not be looking so good for him with the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service.  (Colvin, mayor pro tem of Fayetteville and a funeral director by trade, made the cut…

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Drive-by fishwrap: Fayetteville can, um, “learn” from Baltimore.

You know things are bad when your local driveby fishwrap / birdcage liner starts telling you how your town can LEARN from Baltimore.  Yep.  The same place immortalized in the great HBO series “The Wire.”  The SAME place that blew up into total Third World-style…

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All rise. “Environmental Court” is now in session.

      I’ve just been made aware of the existence of an “environmental court” in Cumberland County.  This “court” — presided over by an actual Superior Court judge — has recently ordered that some private  property in Fayetteville be demolished.  No order to fix it….

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Fayetteville: Stomping on existing business in the name of “economic development”

We’ve been following for some time the case of Jackie and Dale Pfendler, owners of JP Electric in Fayetteville, in their long-running battle with The City of Fayetteville. The city got a $8 million federal grant to construct a “transit hub.”   City leaders  picked…

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City of Fayetteville continues with thuggish tactics against local businesswoman

Jackie Pfendler is trying to prove the person wrong who said “You can’t fight city hall.”   The City of Fayetteville has stomped all over her Fourth Amendment Rights, and is now going to work on her First Amendment Rights. What’s the problem here?  Well,…

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NC’s I-95 tolls to hit MORE than just drivers

          Legislators and bureaucrats in Raleigh are blowing through funds like a drunken sailor on an extended shore leave.  Instead of tightening their belts and trying to control costs, the powers-that-be have found yet another way to squeeze extra dollars out…

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‘McCarthyism’ rears its ugly head in Racial Justice Act political drama

      Leftists are utilizing tactics they have long despised — loudly and publicly — in an effort to intimidate people who believe that violent criminals deserve the harshest possible punishments.  When they had the majority in the General Assembly, Democrats rammed through The…

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Another Fayetteville politico aiming HIGH?

Word is on the street that state senator Eric Mansfield (D-Fayetteville) is taking a good hard look at the state’s soon-to-be-vacant lieutenant governor post.  If he makes the jump to that race, that will mean TWO incumbent Democrats in the county’s General Assembly delegation will…

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‘Government Gone Wild’ in Fayetteville

  Fayetteville businesswoman Jackie Pfendler thought she was doing something good for her community.  She bought an old abandoned building in 2009 in a troubled part of town, spent $1 million on the building and renovations, and moved her business in.   Now, The City…