‘McCarthyism’ rears its ugly head in Racial Justice Act political drama




Leftists are utilizing tactics they have long despised — loudly and publicly — in an effort to intimidate people who believe that violent criminals deserve the harshest possible punishments.  When they had the majority in the General Assembly, Democrats rammed through The Racial Justice Act over the objections of crime victims, their families, prosecutors and law enforcement.   The legislation gave an early Christmas present to convicted murders and their attorneys — allowing death sentences to be overturned if a ‘post-game analysis’ of the trial and sentencing detects even a whiff of racism.

 Racism is something that is definitely in the eye of the beholder.  It’s like that Supreme Court justice’s definition of obscenity:  You know it when you see it.   (Jesse Jackson’s definition of racism is clearly different from mine.)  Is THAT — knowing it when you see it — a standard we want front-and-center in our judicial system?  What happened to the old facts and evidence standard?

The new conservative majority in the North Carolina General Assembly is in the midst of a dogfight with Big Boss Bev about overturning the RJA.  A hearing going on RIGHT NOW in Fayetteville is offering a glimpse at the shape of things to come, if the RJA is allowed to stay on the books.  A  man convicted of a 1991 murder is appealing his death sentence under the guidelines in the RJA.  (Why is he STILL ALIVE  21 years after being given the death penalty?)

In this hearing, the convict’s taxpayer-funded defense attorneys are dragging a retired judge and former prosecutor through the mud, making them PROVE they are not racist. (Both the former prosecutor and judge are Democrats.)   What happened to innocent until proven guilty?  The judge in this Fayetteville hearing happens to be black, and a doctrinaire leftist originally from New Jersey, who regularly finds a conspiracy involving whitey under every rock.

What about the murder victim’s family that has been mourning their loss for 21 years? 

The lawyers in the General Assembly have done a great job of watering down and neutering the death penalty. They have acted in the interests of their pals in the defense bar, instead of achieving justice for crime victims (of all colors) and protecting the innocent (of all races).

We, the people, need to take our criminal justice system away from The N.C. Bar Association and The Academy of Trial Lawyers.  A good first step is to rid our state of this disgraceful Racial Justice nonsense.