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#hayesscandal: Lt. Dan corrects campaign report in re: Lindberg donation

  Okay, before we get started here, I want to stress something.  I KNOW that there are quite  few people who read this blog and happen to either (a) struggle with reading comprehension or (b) just don’t understand how  a blog works.   What I…

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#hayesscandal: Speaker Timmy, Chairman Costanza, & Berger also huddled with Lindberg. (Timmy & Wayne got some $$$. Phil, apparently, did not.)

  Insurance commissioner Mike Causey has hinted that more indictments are likely on the way in this mess.  Could some new drive by media reporting be pointing us in the direction of where this case goes next?:   Top Republican legislative leaders met repeatedly with…

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#hayesscandal: Hudson, McHenry, Budd may no longer have Lindberg cash, but they may have still benefited from it

    Apparently, indicted businessman Eric Lindberg’s cash got around DC too:   Three North Carolina congressmen say they’re giving up political contributions they received from a big donor charged in federal indictments with trying to bribe the state’s insurance commissioner.   Spokesmen for U.S….

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Lt. Dan’s Lindberg connection?

    Robin Hayes’s relationship with Eric Lindberg earned the state Republican Party chairman a federal indictment.  Now, we come across THIS on Facebook:     There were also media reports in 2018 about  PACs tied to Forest getting endowed quite generously by Lindberg:  …

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Politico: Mark Walker IS ‘Public Official A.’

  We raised the question about this anonymous official described in the indictment of Robin Hayes.  Politico appears to have found the answer: Republican Rep. Mark Walker has been caught up in a federal corruption probe that has rocked the North Carolina Republican Party and…