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#ncga: We’ve got legislator rankings!

Granted, they’re from Civitas and the American Conservative Union.  Granted conservatism is in the eye of the beholder.  One man’s conservative is another  man’s liberal.  But, here we go. For 2017, now-former Rep. Chris Millis was the only House member to get a perfect conservative…

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“Far” right, far left — AND FAR WRONG !

That reanimated fossil Rob Christensen is at it again in The N&O newsroom.  I still don’t understand WHY people think he is such a political Svengali.  He doesn’t have a clue.  Here he is on last Tuesday’s vote: North Carolina’s primary on Tuesday reflected two…

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No longer your Dad’s (or WFB’s) National Review

National Review turned me on to conservatism in the mid-80s.  It was refreshingly anti-establishment and full of all kinds of thought-provoking stuff. A lot of the rebels of those days have left the magazine.  William F. Buckley passed on through the pearly gates.  And the…

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EVERYBODY gets a 100 ! (Wait. What’s Renee still doing here?)

Over at Civitas, they’re handing out perfect conservatism scores to Jones Street legislators like Halloween candy.  (The place has been anything BUT conservative this session.  *Corrupt, maybe.*) Uncle Art and Lil’ John must really be worried about hurting some feelings over on Jones Street —…

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Liberal use of the word “conservative”

The N&O is excited.  They are trumpeting a new arrival on the political scene:  A North Carolina chapter of a national network of conservatives that wants to put the brakes on — if not outright abolish — the death penalty has become active this year….

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The declining value of the “Republican” and “conservative” political labels

        In this nightmarish economy, we’re seeing a lot of things lose their value.  In recent years, we’ve also begun to see the decline in value of the “conservative” and “Republican” labels. We used to have a clear idea of WHO was…

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National Journal: Ellmers is NC’s most conservative Member of Congress

  National Journal, the non-partisan national publication dedicated to daily coverage of the U.S. Congress, has released its annual ideological rankings of Members of Congress.  It appears that the Tar Heel State’s newest Member of Congress, Renee Ellmers (R-2nd) has shot to the top of…