Liberal use of the word “conservative”

lazyThe N&O is excited.  They are trumpeting a new arrival on the political scene: 

A North Carolina chapter of a national network of conservatives that wants to put the brakes on — if not outright abolish — the death penalty has become active this year.

A number of prominent Republicans have joined N.C. Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty: Les Merritt, the former state auditor; Ernie Pearson, a former assistant commerce secretary; David Robinson, once the Wake County GOP chairman; Marshall Hurley, former state Republican Party general counsel; Steve Monks, former Durham County GOP chairman; Mark Edwards, the Nash County GOP chairman; and Gerald Galloway, retired police chief in Southern Pines. […] 

Whaaaaa? Gerald Galloway?  I know Gerald.  He is a good guy, but he is neither conservative nor Republican.  He has been driving around town for the last five years or so with  a “Kay Hagan” campaign sticker on his car’s rear bumper.  Gerald has also been quite active with the Moore County Democratic Party for years.  Nice try, though.