#NCSEN: Rasmussen says Hagan 45, Tillis 39

When a firm known for being a Karl Rove shill says one of Karl’s guys is down, you know things sock1are getting interesting.  Rasmussen Reports released a survey today showing Senator Kay Hagan (D) with a SIX point lead over GOP challenger and state House speaker Thom Tillis. (Six percent of respondents favored “Someone Else” while Nine percent were undecided.) The poll of 1000 likely voters was taken from September 8-10 and has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent. 

One month ago, Rasmussen had Tillis up by FIVE POINTS.  In May, they had the Republican with a ONE point lead. Here’s their current take:

[…] Among voters who say they are certain to vote on Election Day, it’s a much closer race: Hagan 45%, Tillis 43%.

Still, North Carolina now moves from a Toss-Up to Leans Democrat in the Rasmussen Reports 2014 Senate Balance of Power rankingsthom sigh

Hagan who was elected to the Senate in 2008 with 53% of the vote has long been considered one of this year’s most vulnerable incumbents, in large part because of her support of Obamacare which remains unpopular in North Carolina. But she has made the so-called “war on women” a centerpiece of her campaign, hammering Tillis for state budget cutbacks in the women’s health area and his opposition to the contraceptive mandate in the health care law.

While Tillis leads by nine points among male voters in the state, Hagan has a 21-point lead among women. Tillis has lost ground among male voters over the past month, while Hagan’s lead among women has grown.[…] 

Tillis wasn’t much interested in debating his opponents in the primary.  But now, he can’t have enough debates.

The latest from Rasmussen gives legs to the meme that this is a close race. But it also falls in line with other recent polling showing Hagan pulling ahead slowly but surely.


9 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Rasmussen says Hagan 45, Tillis 39

  1. Tillis needs to say something with some meat to it in those debates, not the gibberish he usually spouts. A strong line against illegal immigration would be particularly timely, as would a strong stand for affordable energy against the EPA and the green mafia.
    Something tells me he will not man up, however.

    1. You mean you like instead of taking Hagan to task for the Democrats lies and spin on the Hobby Lobby case and their phony War on Women lies, he decided to reach out to women and support over the counter birth control? Yes, this is the most pressing issue facing us today. Women are frightened for their families and not once did he stand firm for the safety of Americans.
      He is supposed to appear here again, in front of a large crowd, but just found out he is sending his wife, again. His wife is not going to garner support from women and she is not going to be voting for him in the US Senate, or is she?

    2. Of course not. Tillis is pre-bought-and-paid-for. The CoC would get behind Hagan instead if he strongly denounced amnesty/legalization and more guest workers.

      So, he’s left with ham-stringing himself.

  2. Unlike others, I’m not afraid to post with my name. Thom Tillis is no true friend of the 2nd Amendment, nor the Constitution as a whole, for that matter. He may have the “NRA” endorsement, but then, so does “Dirty Harry” Reid, and for the same reasons!. Can Thom convincingly “walk back” his bipartisan commitment to “practical” gun control? Can he explain his support for Brady Bill like handgun waiting periods embedded in the Pistol Purchase Permit regimen he stood guard over in the General Assembly in a way that demonstrates he respects the 2nd Amendment…well, no, that would be “irresponsible”….another famous Primary debate quote of his. Let’s see if he tries…..

  3. Too many dislike them both. There is a choice. Write in John Rhodes. Mr Rhodes will be speaking at the west campus of Forsyth tech auditorium on Wednesday September 17th at 6:30 PM (1300 Bolton street, Winston-Salem. Come check him out.

  4. Kay Hagan has seized control of the issues. Thillis has nothing to talk about. We all know that Thillis, Rove and all Rinos will sigh in relief after Pres Obama declares amnesty. All the Chamber of Commerce cannot wait for Pres Obama to declare amnesty so that big business can reap the rewards. Those opposing amnesty have few leaders in Washington and they get no media coverage.

    Face it, the Republicans knew defeating Hagan was a long shot. Greg Brannon is the only one who had a chance at Hagan because he was fresh and did not have to run on Thillis legislative disaster of a record.

    I do not think the Rinos will be all that upset when Kay gets reelected.

  5. I, too, am baffled about Thom Tilli$ bringing up OTC contraceptives as a way to counter the “Hag’s” feminist propaganda. I am a woman last time I looked, and could care less about gender politics and this fake pandering to the soccer moms. The OTC argument just furthered the left’s fake “war on women” and instead of arguing against that stupid premise and showing how the left and Kay have waged a “war on everyone legal who is a working taxpaying citizen”, Thom allowed Kay to pick the topics and argue from her false premise.

    1. The polling data, particularly the Washington Post polls numbers among independents and moderates, show that opposing illegal immigration is a vote winner for Republicans. Sadly, some of the establishment candidates, including Tillis, seem to be so owned by the US Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove that they do not use it. These idiots are blowing the election. But that is what happens when you nominate a total dud of a candidate like Tillis.

  6. I see 10 hagan ads for every tills ad, so tills is toast. His only hope is to win over the low-info voter class with lots of ads running during liberal tv shows. Conservatives could care less if tillis wins or loses, tills has no base other than the hated chamber of commerce… and the chamber has been outed as the kiss of death in elections for 2014. the NC republican party is the only organization on the planet that could muster sufficient incompetence to lose this race. phil berger’s selfish jab at teachers this year may very well give the us senate to democrats… special kudos to phil. surely phil could have waited a year to tend to his teacher agendas.

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