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Moore County endorsements 2012: “No turn left un-stoned”

We don’t have a whole lot of political drama here in Moore County this year. ( The race for District Court has been nasty, but I have addressed all that in my earlier post.)  Locally, we’ve got the District Court race, a race for county…

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Endorsements 2012: Here Come The Judges!

    Judicial elections are tough for most voters.  If you tend to behave yourself, you have very little contact with these men (and women) in black.  The media tends to downplay the activities of judges — unless they get caught dancing down Main Street…

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Renee Ellmers’s Moore County problem

The Second Congressional District’s incumbent representative seems to be doing her best to ruin the gift horse delivered to her during redistricting.  The “honorables” on Jones Street handed  Renee Ellmers a highly-conservative district on a silver platter at the end of the redistricting process. It…

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Barack Hussein Smithson

    We’ve had to endure nearly four years of class warfare nonsense from our soon-to-be ex-president and his cronies.  Now, we’re getting it on the local level from Southern Pines town councilman Chris Smithson. The setting was the latest council meeting where the proposed…

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Dems & The N&O ignore the unemployment lines and give us “The Year of The Lady Parts”

    While North Carolina’s economy continues to rot. and the unemployment lines get bigger, the Democrat Party only wants to talk about gynecology.  First, the Obama campaign put up a post on its web site warning women to “vote like your lady parts depend…

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Campaign 2012: What’s cooking in Deb Butler’s kitchen?

        *I am sure that the voters of one New Hanover County-based state senate district were looking for a deep, detailed discussion of gynecological practices during this campaign season.* During the evening news, Democrat Deb Butler has been introducing area voters to…

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Corruption, dishonesty are bi-partisan ailments

  I heard through the grapevine that John Hood thinks I don’t like him very much.  (For the record, all I know of him is what I read in his columns and what I hear him saying on NC Spin.) It’s not personal with Mr….

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Memo to Governor McCrory: Heed Gary’s advice, remember Jim Martin

The political establishment — and the state political media — are coming around to the realization that, barring the discovery of a dead girl or a live boy in the McCrory residence, Mayor Pat will be getting a promotion at the end of the year.  …

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NCGOP vice chair King: “Goldman? Malone? I see nothing! I know nothing!”

What’s been bouncing around the political gossip network for a few years has FINALLY made it to the pages of The N&O.   The NCGOP establishment bent over backwards to force the highly-dubious Debra Goldman on the electorate.  Never mind all the stories about an alleged…

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NC elections chief “Big Boy” Bartlett keeps baffling us with BS

          The folks at Civitas did a great job of pointing out how many 112 year old North Carolina voters have cast ballots so far during early voting.  State elections chief — and longtime Democrat hack —  Gary Bartlett took a…