Endorsements 2012: Here Come The Judges!



Judicial elections are tough for most voters.  If you tend to behave yourself, you have very little contact with these men (and women) in black.  The media tends to downplay the activities of judges — unless they get caught dancing down Main Street in their underwear with a lamp shade on their head. 

A lot of times, voters without a lot of information tend to turn to their lawyer friends and acquaintances for advice on how to vote in these judicial races.  Perfect.  Just what we need:  judges recommended by the defense bar.

If you’re looking for good conservative jurists — and if you’re reading this, you probably are — we at The Haymaker want to make a few recommendations for you:

North Carolina District Court.  For voters in Montgomery, Moore and Randolph counties, the race for two seats in District 19B has been almost as volatile and nasty as the race for president of The United States.  Our mailboxes have been bombarded with fliers and we’ve been inundated with TV and radio ads from a super-PAC sponsored by a group of disgruntled lawyers and managed by a Democrat consulting firm.  The PAC has mainly been targeting incumbent Judge Rob Wilkins, a conservative-minded jurist who regularly runs afoul of some of the good ol’ boys in area bar associations.  Wilkins has been slandered up and down the highway with allegations against his character.  Most people who know Rob Wilkins, or who have seen him in action, know him as a fair-minded person of good character who comes down on the side of the facts and the law, instead of political ideology and cronyism.  Hands down, Rob Wilkins deserves another term on the District Court bench.

Judge Don “Skipper” Creed, of Southern Pines, is facing a spirited challenge from a Randolph County attorney.  Creed is a soft-spoken, easy-going, fair-minded and conservative-minded judge who regularly allows common sense, fairness, and justice to rule the day in his courtroom.   I’ve often said that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  There ain’t nothing broke when it comes to Judge Creed.  He needs another term on the bench. 

North Carolina Supreme Court.  The Left is looking at a major loss of influence in Raleigh after the November vote.  They plan to use The Council of State and the courts as a firewall against the GOP-led legislature and the new Republican governor.  Knocking off incumbent conservative justice Paul Newby would go a long way toward helping the left win some victories in court that they can’t win at the ballot box.   In spite of that horrid corn-pone commercial with the banjo soundtrack, Paul Newby needs to be re-elected to the North Carolina Supreme Court.

North Carolina Court of Appeals.   The Left has a 9-6 majority on this court.  As I said in the previous section, leftists are hoping to use the courts to blunt any and all efforts at conservative reforms in Raleigh over the next two to four years.  Conservative-minded Tar Heels can really upset the apple cart and send the trial lawyers a message by voting FOR these three candidatesChris Dillon, Marty McGee, and David Robinson.