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Former Dem candidate now aiding Harnett Republican campaign

    Joe Langley really wanted to go to Raleigh.  He tried, as a Democrat, to knock off now-former state senator Ron Rabin(R) in 2014.  In 2012,  he tried, as a Democrat,  to knock off state Rep. David Lewis(R).   In 2020,  it appears that…

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State Employees Association endorses folks on both sides of aisle in 2020

    The State Employees Association of North Carolina long had the reputation as a mouthpiece for Democrats. But lately, they’ve been throwing some love over to the right side of the aisle.   At the beginning of the year, they endorsed Dale Folwell for…

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Tillis, Burr, and other NCGOPers push for MORE migrant workers

      We get ads from NFIB claiming Thom Tillis is “fighting to save North Carolina jobs” and then we hear THIS:   A few months before mass joblessness hit the United States, spurred by the Chinese coronavirus crisis, a number of House and…

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For Harnett YRs, it’s ALL about the pizza. (Oh, and soda and bowling too.)

    The great philosopher Diddy once told us “It’s all about the Benjamins.”   For The Harnett County Young Republicans, it appears to be ALL about Domino’s Pizza. Don’t take my word for it.  Take it from the current chairman, David Lewis housemate —…

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    I knew something didn’t smell right with that whole ” resigning to spend. more time with my family” spiel state Rep. David Lewis (R-Harnett) gave us at the time of his “retirement” announcement.      Today, we learned that the House Rules Committee…

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Judge bucks Forest, backs Cooper on coronavirus executive orders

      Lt. Governor Dan Forest has made quite a bit of hay over Roy Cooper’s unilateral decisions to lock down and strangle the state’s economy.  Forest expressed a belief that Cooper should have to consult, oh, The Council of State, or The General…

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NO JAIL for Robin Hayes ?????

    That’s where this appears headed.  If you read the court documents, you will have seen that the former congressman and state GOP chairman facilitated the attempted bribe of the state insurance commissioner:   When recruited in 2018 to help funnel some $2 millions…

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Harnett GOP throws curveball in replacing David Lewis

      He was chairman of the county board of commissioners.  He lost his March primary.  Why not send Howard Penny to Raleigh?   That’s what Harnett Republican leaders did the other night.   Long-time legislator David Lewis shocked the political world with a…

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Curiouser and curiouser: The fight to replace David Lewis

    Conservatives in Harnett County got some apparent good news when they heard local party chairman Maggie Sandrock was going to toss her hat in the ring to replace Lewis — the second ranking Republican in the NC House and consigliere to Speaker Timmy….

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Calling the Guv’s bluff: LIVE from Raleigh — It’s The Council of State.

    Most people don’t know much about The Council of State.  It is a state government body composed of all of the state officials who are elected statewide —  governor, lt. governor, auditor, attorney general, secretary of state, DPI superintendent, treasurer, and the commissioners…